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Know About India's Vibrant Artistic Communities Behind The Popular Artwork

India's artistic communities that stand as a testament to age-old traditional artwork techniques, and masterpieces that have garnered global attention.

India's artisan communities | Image:Unsplash

India, a country known to have woven its diverse cultures, ways of life, traditions through art has bolstered with a sense of growing enthusiasm vibrating within artistic communities of this South Asian nation. These communities prove to be a testament to the heritage of local craftsmanship. From the scenic valleys of Kashmir to the city streets of Rajasthan, here's a look at some of India's most celebrated artisan communities, whose creations continue to be adored by the global art community.


The Ladakh-based Changpa community are semi normadic people of Tibetan origin that serve as the backbone of Pashmina weaving given that they are the conventional keepers of pashmina goat. The artisans here meticulously hand-spin the finest cashmere wool into luxurious Pashmina shawls, known for their softness, warmth, and intricate embroidery. This centuries-old craft is a symbol of Kashmiri heritage and elegance, coveted by fashion connoisseurs globally.


In Rajasthan, one would encounter the vibrant community of block printers pioneered by Titanwala's of Bagru. Utilising ancient techniques, these artisans imprint fabrics with an eye for detail when designing, hand-carved wooden blocks. The resulting textiles are a riot of colours and patterns, reflecting the lively spirit of Rajasthani culture.

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Bikna, a small village in the Bankura district of West Bengal, which specialises in the making of Dokra or Dhokra, boasts of an artisan community known as Karmakar's, who have for generations been engaged in one of the world’s oldest forms of metal casting. The Bengal Dokra has also earned the prestigious Geographical Indication tag.

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Down south, the temple town of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu is famed for its Tanjore paintings. The artisan group known as the Raju community of Thanjavur, who are also known as Jinigara's are the artists who create these art masterpieces in Thanjavur style. These painting are usually made on a canvas pasted over a plank of wood with Arabic gum. 


Published March 9th, 2024 at 18:58 IST