Updated April 3rd, 2024 at 20:55 IST

Venus-Neptune Conjunction On April 3: Here's What It Means For The Cardinal Signs

April 3 marks the Venus-Neptune conjunction, which is set to act as a catalyst in the lives of the cardinal signs - namely, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

Venus | Image:Unsplash

April of 2024 marks what is being touted as one of the most powerful Mercury retrogrades in recent times. Right at the forefront of it, the Venus-Neptune conjunction. This essentially means that Venus and Neptune will share the same right ascension, with Venus passing 17 degrees to the south of Neptune. This astrological conjunction will naturally have its own impact - in congruence with the ongoing Mercury retrograde - on all the zodiac signs, with special emphasis on the cardinal signs.


Those having Aries placements in either their sun, moon or rising have understandably going through emotionally stagnant and heavy days in the run up to the eclipse. While Aries are usually high-energy signs, the Venus-Neptune conjunction is strongly suggesting that one must, for the time being, find their calm in stillness.


Life can feel boring at the moment, but consider this unwelcome lull as the calm before the storm as your life gears up to skyrocket.


Those having Cancer placements in either their sun, moon or rising will start feeling more geared towards being action-oriented. Cancerians' love language largely comprises of acts of service which at the moment is also pushing one into assume teaching positions - not literally, but figuratively.


You will surely find your groove if you take charge of your environment. Leadership positions are calling.


Those having Libra placements in either their sun, moon or rising are being advised to embrace the simplicity of things. Things need not be complex all the time. Whatever facet of life is bothering you at the moment, be it love, career, home, finances or even something else, simply strip it down to the basics.


Ask yourself, 'how can I make things easy for me?'


Those with Capricorn placements in either their sun, moon or rising, as a rule of thumb, always dance only to their own tune. The Venus-Neptune conjunction is calling upon you to pour into yourself. Off late you may have found the energy of others as being corrosive to your day to day existence - which much like Aries placements - is also going through a period of lull.


Take a step back, ask yourself what you want, and come up with a guided plan to get there. The journey may feel slow and almost stagnant, but the destination will be worth it.


Published April 3rd, 2024 at 20:55 IST