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Understanding The Viral Scene Queen Beauty Trend Which Has Re-emerged After Decades

The scene queen aesthetic is reclaiming the spotlight once again after decades.

Understanding The Viral Scene Queen Beauty Trend | Image:Instagram/@barbiebeth

There is often a repetition in beauty and fashion trends. Most of these trends come full circle. For instance, the boot-cut jeans from the 90s, which again gained popularity in the post-covid times. Another trend which made a comeback was the strawberry blush makeup. Now, one such trend which is reclaiming the spotlight is the scene queen aesthetic. Thanks to a new generation of influencers, everyone can now witness the early 2000s’ MySpace queens once again. 

Understanding the scene queen trend which is now reclaiming the spotlight

Having originated in the era when social media was still being discovered, scene queens were the pioneers of bold make-up and gravity-defying hair. Now, TikTok creators, many of whom were mere toddlers during the MySpace era, are adding a new touch to this iconic aesthetic. The trend includes bold, emo make-up, statement hair and a healthy dose of nostalgia. 


Every scene queen had their own signature style. However, there were a few hallmarks that set it apart. One of them was the use of bright and saturated colors in makeup. The use of heavy lashes, vibrant hair clips, blingy hair extensions, were some of the other prerequisites. 

It wasn’t just confined to the makeup but it was also about their larger than life hairdos. These locks were testament to creativity and fierceness. 

What sets this trend apart is the unabashed display of individuality. Every scene queen displayed her own style through this trend. Whether it was poppy pink hair extensions or larger-than-life eye lashes, the trend has always been synonymous to fearlessness. 


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