Beyond 'Animal Farm'; George Orwell's Best Books That Are A Must-read


George Orwell is a well known British author who has adamantly talked about socialism, social injustice, and opposed totalitarianism in almost all his works

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George Orwell

January 21, 2020, will mark the 70th death anniversary of the British author and journalist Eric Arthur Blair who is popularly known by his pen name George Orwell. He was born in British India in Motihari, Bihar and was a brilliant English novelist who is considered as one of the top influential writers of the 20th century. Take a look at some of his classic best books one must read to know a lucid view of politics, literature, culture, and reality. 

Animal Farm

Animal Farm is an undeniably the most famous George Orwell novel that he penned down after releasing his novel titled Homage to Catalonia. Animal Farm is written on the point of view of the animals in the backdrop of the events that led up to the Russian Revolution of 1917. Being an ardent opponent of totalitarianism, Orwell wrote Animal Farm which was released in 1945. 


The novel 1984 was often regarded as the dystopian description of the future society and was published in 1949. The novel is still considered to be one of his greatest works.

The novel has been translated into 65 languages until now and has sold over millions of copies. It showcases the risks of totalitarianism and government overreach that led to the plight of the dystopian future. 

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Down and Out in Paris and London

George Orwell released this book in 1933 when he was still known by his original name, Eric Blair. Down and Out in Paris and London may not be considered as one of Orwell's masterpieces but this novel was written way before he wrote before Animal Farm and 1984. One must read this uncanny resemblance of the cruel reality of social injustice that people face on a day to day basis when they lose their lives due to lack of food and shelter. 

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The Road to Wigan Pier

The Road to Wigan Pier was the novel by George Orwell showcasing his life through his journey as an employee in Lancashire and Yorkshire to the events that led up to the development of his political conscience. The book was released in 1937 and is a grappling novel that one must read if they want to understand the concepts of socialism and totalitarianism. The book is so relevant and that it will may find many readers who still connect to it. 

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Homage to Catalonia

Homage to Catalonia depicts George Orwell and his journey as he participated as a journalist taking up arms and standing at the front line while the Spanish people were fighting against Franco’s fascism. In the Spanish Civil War that was fought in 1936, Orwell wrote reports for the British print media as a journalist and faced the struggles of the Spanish people themselves. The book was released in 1938 and depicted George Orwell's experience during the battle. 

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