Mystery Books: A Murder On Malabar Hill And Other Top Mystery-thrillers By Indian Authors


Mystery books are known to take an individual to a different journey. Here are a few of mystery-thriller books by Indian authors that you must give a read.

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When it comes to reading mystery-thrillers, most of the people look up to international books like James Bond and Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. However, Indian authors also have set a high mark in recent times with some authentic and iconic mystery-thriller books. Indian thriller authors are gaining momentum and are creating a range of riveting literature in English with an Indian twist. Ranging from historical dramas to a novel in which the investigator is a female attorney struggling against the cultural expectations, Indian authors are delivering some competitive results. Here are some best mystery and thriller books one should get their sight on.  

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Top mystery-thriller books by Indian authors

Sacred Games

The book is a huge inspiration to one of the most-viewed and appreciated Netflix series, Sacred Games. The 2006 publisher is written by Vikram Chandra. Sacred Games combines the ambition of a 20th-century social novel with a cops-and-gangster detective thriller. Sacred Games delves into many emotionally charged worlds of contemporary India, in particular, the spidery links between organised crime, local politics and Indian espionage that lie below the shimmering surfaces of its economic renaissance. 

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A Murder On Malabar Hill

The story is based on the time when Mumbai was known as Bombay. Set in 1920s Bombay, A Murder On Malabar Hill, internationally known as The Widows Of Malabar Hill introduces us to Perveen Mistry, one of the first female lawyers in India. The book is written by Sujata Massey and covers the life story of Perveen Mistry. Perveen is an intelligent, sympathetic character, and her dedication to women's rights transforms this historical mystery into a strong feminist story.

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A Rising Man

A Rising Man is written by author Abir Mukherjee. The book is a thriller murder mystery of British officials in Calcutta. A Rising Man was the winner of the Telegraph Harvill Secker Crime Writing Prize in 2014. The story revolves around Captain Sam Wyndham, a former Scotland Yard detective, who joins the British Imperial Police Force in Calcutta after World War I. He soon receives a sensitive murder case.

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