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Pet Parenting Tips: How To Feed Cats With Nutritional Meals Amid COVID-19 Lockdown?

Here are a few pet parenting tips to give your cat a proper meal amid coronavirus lockdown. Read on to know more about what to feed your cat during this crisis.

pet parenting tips

The COVID-19 lockdown could be tough for humans, however, it has also changed the lifestyle of pets. A few pet owners stocked up food at the beginning of the lockdown. While a few a yet looking for tips about how to give nutritious food to their pets in this crisis situation.

For cat owners, they might turn to kibbles or dry food for the sake of convenience however it is important to ensure that your cat has the best diet even in this crisis situation. Here are a few pet parenting tips on how to feed cats with a proper meal amid coronavirus lockdown.

Pet parenting tip 1: The timings of meal

One of the pet parenting tips is to ensure that their cats receive food at proper timings. Usually, many cats eat their meal between dusk and dawn as their biological clock works that way. So, this is the best time to feed your cats. Make sure they do not skip meals.


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Pet parenting tip 2: Non-veg food

Ensuring you cats get non-veg is one of the important pet-parenting tips among others. Due to the lockdown situation, we understand that one might not prefer eating non-veg food due to coronavirus. Many may not be able to get non-veg food due to lockdown. However, one must keep in mind that cats need non-veg food to satisfy their nutritional needs. Try giving them fish once a week only if possible.


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Pet parenting tip 3: Dry food and treats

Many cat parents will now tend to keep dry food for their cats as it will be convenient for them. One must keep in mind that a cat tends to overeat when they are bored. Overeating is very unhealthy as they may turn obese. Try giving treats to your cats however, do not overdo it. Occasional treats between meals will be the best for them making it one of the most essential pet-parenting tips.

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Pet parenting tips 4: Wet food

Adding wet food in your cat's diet is one of the essential pet parenting tips. Try giving your cats a mixture of wet food or kibbles. However, if you are not able to do it then a good meal with food works too.

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Pet parenting tip 5: Water

Water is equally essential to cats as it is to humans. It is important to make sure that your cat is hydrated. Serving them water in a clean bowl at least 2 to 3 times a day is one of the important pet parenting tips.

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