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Wedding 101: Tips That Every Bridesmaid In The Bridal Squad Should Follow

It is just as difficult being a bridesmaid as it is being a bride. Weddings can be tough to handle, here are a few tips that the bridesmaids should follow.


People think weddings are only supposed to be tough for the groom and the bride. But that is not the case, weddings can be just as tough for the groom's squad and the bridesmaids as well.

Both sides are loaded with huge responsibilities that ensure the smooth functioning of the ceremonies. It is quite an honour to be involved in the inner circles of the bride and the groom. Therefore, it is necessary that the responsibilities are taken good care of. Here are a few essential tips that should be followed by the bridesmaids. 

Vital tips to be followed by the bride's squad


Always remember that your loyalty is to the bride. You need to be there for her whenever she needs help and also when she has to make important decisions for her special day.

There might come a situation where she needs to rant, do everything that you can to make her feel better during these stressful times. She is likely to make a few mistakes, and it is your duty to help her through them.

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Know her needs

Every bride has different needs. It is your job to find out what she wants or needs from you. If she is not clear enough, do not hesitate to ask twice. Some brides may expect you to be there only for the wedding-related events or might expect you to have a more active role in playing.

Be a team player

There are high chances that there will be more than one bridesmaid. It is important that you put on a united front at times like these even when there are personal differences. The bride does not need to hear about little tidbits about how some people can't get along with each other. Make sure that the bride's day goes well and don't take any chances of ruining the wedding. 

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It isn't about you

Remember that the wedding is not about you, it is about the bride and groom and their D-day. If she picks a lousy outfit for you to wear, try to voice your opinion in a very calm and practical manner. If she still wants you to wear it, then you should go ahead with her idea. Try to help her as much as you can and help her achieve the goal of her dream wedding. 

Bridesmaid Duties

In addition to being a part of all the bridal celebrations, there are a lot of other duties that a bridesmaid has to handle. The bride should be the one to voice out what she wants. Some other duties include purchasing your dress and shoes, paying for styling hair, nails, etc, helping the bride with the perfect dress and more.

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