Banana Powder: Know Uses Of This Makeup Miracle For Indian Skin Tone


People having yellow or golden undertone may want to switch their daily glassy setting powder to this shade. Here's all one needs to know about banana powder.

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banana powder

People may have come across instances where patches of concealer or contour have been visible while taking pictures on an evening brunch. The reason could be the foundation, which may have possibilities of containing mineral sunscreen or powder that may contain silica. However, these ingredients may cause the skin tone to appear too white. 

Banana powder is taking the beauty industry by storm by substituting the regular powders. People have been using banana powder instead of the regular setting powder, especially those with yellow or olive undertone. Here is all you need to know about banana powder.

What is banana powder? 

Banana powder became widely popular because of Kim Kardashian. She started using the powder in her makeup routines back in the year 2016. Her makeup artist could not find the right powder setting for her undertone and he then looked for a new powder, which was banana powder. 

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Banana powder uses

Translucent powder is an ideal setting powder for people with lighter undertone as that becomes undetectable on the skin. However, on the darker skin tone, the powder just leaves people looking ghostly in the pictures. Blending in banana powder is the right way to achieve high definition makeup look.

Some makeup artists even suggest using the powder as a primer. It is also used to colour correct according to one's undertone and give the skin a warm highlight, absorb excess oil and set makeup for a longer duration. Banana powder is also known to help to reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. 

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How to apply banana powder?

Simply using a fluffy powder brush and dusting it over the face works well. Applying banana powder under the eyes with the help of a sponge will help to set the concealer. Lastly, dusting the powder over the face can help to set the makeup for longer and at the same time absorb the excess oil from the skin.

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