Beauty Routines: Here Are Some Unique Therapies From Around The World


Beauty routines: Women around the world have their secrets and rituals for achieving their look. Here are a few bizarre beauty lessons from around the world. 

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beauty routines

The world is a diverse place. What women all over the globe supposedly have in common is that they want to look and feel beautiful inside and out. However, there is a different definition of beauty in every culture. Women around the world have their secrets and rituals for achieving their best versions of their looks. Here are a few bizarre beauty lessons to learn from around the world. 

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'Bird poop therapy'

According to reports, European women sometimes indulge in a Japanese nightingale facial, which is also called 'bird poop therapy'. They use dried out bird poop. This is known to have a magical benefit when it comes to skin brightening and to fight acne.

Leech therapy

Reportedly, people are opting for this treatment. Leech therapy helps in detoxifying the body. Leeches are made to feed on the person’s facial blood for a few minutes. However, they end up extracting some blood of the client and drop off the skin on their own.

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Bee venom face mask

It has been reported that Kate Middleton believes that this has multiple beauty benefits. It is also known as an alternative for botox as it leaves the face firm and also uplifts the face.

Snail Slime

As bizarre as it sounds, some people love snails on their plate while some love to place the snail on their faces. Snail slime is known to be rich in glycolic acid, protein, and elastin, which helps in rejuvenating damaged tissues and adds glow to the skin.

Snake therapy

Snake therapy is used to cure stress and illness. A popular spa in Israel has invented this beauty therapy and it also claims to be one of the most relaxing beauty massages.

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Slap therapy

Slapping therapy is very popular in a San Francisco salon. During the therapy, it involves your face getting slapped, pinched, and stroked to get rid of fine lines.

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