Best Eyebrow Makeup That Will Make Your Eyebrows Look Thick And Neat


Best eyebrow makeup to obtain a finished look. Follow these six easy steps to fill in your eyebrows the right way. Get thick eyebrows without much effort.

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best eyebrow makeup

Eyebrow filling is an essential part of your make-up routine. Using the right brush and right methods while doing your eyebrows will help you get a finished and neat look. In some cases, just filling in your eyebrows will be enough for you to slay your look. Loss of eyebrow hair is a common problem, and it could be because of multiple reasons. These reasons may include stress or impurities. Filling in eyebrow can be a quick solution to these problems. Here are six easy steps to follow to get neat eyebrows.

How to achieve thick, neat eyebrows in six easy steps

1.       Cleanse

Wash your face with cold water. Use a mild facewash. Glycerine facewashes are recommended. Once done washing, pat-dry your face with a dry towel. Wait for a few minutes before you start your routine. This will give your eyebrows the time to dry. Start once the moisture is minimum.

2.       Placing

Place your eyebrow brush parallel to your nose. This is to get a clearer idea of where your eyebrow starts. Draw light strokes at the beginning of your eyebrow. Keep it light. Do not overdo it. Finishing has to be done towards the end of the routine.

3.       Figuring the end

Place your eyebrow brush at a 45-degree angle by assuming your nose is the base. This will help you figure out where the eyebrow ends. Mark this spot and draw light strokes at this end. Ends have to be lightly done in order to make them look natural. Overly stressing on the area will not end well for your look.

4.       Check the consistency

Use a spoolie brush to check where your eyebrow hair is uneven and inconsistent. Also check which colour your eyebrow hair is. Make sure your eyebrow colour is the same as the colour of the fillers that you are using. The colour varies from person to person.

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5.       Use an eyebrow pencil

Sharpen your eyebrow pencil. Keep the nib pointy. If you do not have an eyebrow pencil sharpener, use a blade to get the pencil shape right. Now, draw light, soft strokes with the eyebrow pencil and fill in the gaps. This will instantly give you a fresh look.

6.       Finish with a powder

Use an angular brush and trace the outline of your eyebrow. This will help you get a sleek look. After outlining, slightly run the spoolie brush over it. This will help you blend the makeup and give you a finished look.

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