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Coconut Milk Vs Coconut Oil: A Look At The Health Benefits Of Both Products

Coconut milk vs coconut oil, check out their health benefits. Read on to know more about the health and cosmetic benefits of coconut oil and milk.

Coconut milk

Coconut is one as one of the versatile fruits whose each and every part is used by humans for various uses starting from food consumption to cosmetics uses. Coconut fruit is used for its husk, flesh, oil, water, milk, and as a source of charcoal. Here are some top usages for coconut oil and coconut milk along with their scientific proofs.

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Coconut oil benefits

Sore throat - Cure your sore throat by using coconut oil by the oil pulling method. in a review study during 2017, it was found that the coconut oil helped in fighting against the cavities, gingivitis and in general maintain a healthy oral bacterial balance in your mouth (Source: International Journal of Health Sciences)

Alleviate Stress - In a study done published in Experimental and Therapeutic medicine Journal, it was found that the usage of coconut oil helped in reducing stress and chronic cold. 

Skincare - Applying coconut oil on your body helps better your skin health by acting as a protective barrier along with having an anti-inflammatory effect according to a 2017 study (Source: NCBI). 

Fighting candida - This has to be one of the beneficial traits of the coconut oil as it fights against Candida albicans which is a common fungus that affects the majority of humans. The proofs for this fact were found in an in-vitro study published in NCBI. 

Preventing liver disease - In a study done in 2017 published in Wiley online library, it was found that the coconut oil had a better effect on the liver health after four weeks when compared to those who didn't consume coconut oil in their diet. 

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Coconut milk benefits

Coconut milk is majorly used in food consumption and sometimes used for cosmetic purposes as well. Its uses in weight loss, decreasing cholesterol and effecting the heart health are still debatable but here are some benefits apart from those. 

  • Milk for vegans - Coconut milk is widely used in vegan foods as it is free of lactose as compared to its subsidiary 'dairy milk'. Coconut milk makes the perfect gravy base for curries and can be used in many dessert recipes as well.
  • Decrease stomach ulcer size - In the study published in NCBI, it was observed that the coconut milk causes the stomach ulcer to decrease in size much more than coconut water. It was seen that the coconut milk decreased the stomach ulcer size by 54 percent which was much more than the effects of an anti-ulcer drug. 

Both coconut oil and coconut milk have their own range of benefits and both have majorly positive benefits on human health for both cosmetic and consumption purposes. 

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