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Winter Skincare: Have A Look At The Angeleno Guide For Healthy Looking Skin This Winter

Winters can get our skins very dry and rough, it is very important to keep our skin moisturized. Have a look at the Angeleno's guide for winter skincare

Winter skincare

Winter is upon us and its advent brings out several skin issues, including dry skin and flaky scalp. However, here are some expert opinions on how you can combat this issue and ensure that you have a healthy and glowing skin this winter. 

The Over-Anxious Angeleno's Guide to Winter Skincare

Olga Lorencin's Heal the Need Super Hydrating Facial

Celebrity facialist Olga Lorensen has created a special skin-friendly acid formulation for dry skin. This formulation has gained her the nickname "The Acid Queen'' . Olga created a supercharged facial formula using seven different hyaluronic acids to cure seasonal dryness of all the harsh winter effects.

The skincare expert emphasizes the importance of these key ingredients for efficacy.  According to the skin expert, the synthesis of these hyaluronic acids hydrates and fills in fine lines for a longer period of time. The blend of these specific hyaluronic acids hydrates and fills in fine lines for a longer amount of time, causing a 'Nano Up Lift' effect that promotes collagen-building and water circulation.

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Pellequr's Signature Korean Scrub with Lymphatic Drainage

The Korean scrub care signature of Pellequr Spa reminds us of the value of tending under the layers to the skin that has been neglected. The lavish Beverly Hills-based spa provides an old school Korean scrub bath, followed by a pampering hair wash under grand Vichy showers.

A toxin-ridding lymphatic drainage massage applied with a 1,000-degree CBD salve to fight against the layers of dead skin that have accumulated over the past few weeks accompanies the procedure.

Reportedly, Peller is also a favourite of Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, Hailey Baldwin, and Selena Gomez. This rare Korean spa offers privacy in a luxury atmosphere.

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Knockout Beauty's Photo Dynamic Rejuvenation

A skin treatment that is so effective that it is best to do it at night. Knockout Beauty, the bicoastal beauty company of Cayli Cavaco Reck, has introduced a light-activated gel treatment to set the clock back by intensively hydrating, smoothing and pigmenting out at night.

Upon applying the FDA-approved miracle gel that is triggered by a red LED light, it will continue working on your face for a full 48 hours, setting back the skin clock. The most effective skin regeneration of the highly advanced procedure is within the first 12 hours as these are the most powerful, followed by the next 36 hours where the treatment works hard to make the skin as healthy as possible.

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Carlson's Winter Collagen Cure Treatment

Created by Lena Bratschi, who has some loyal customers like Michelle Williams, Rooney Mara, Elizabeth Debicki, Sofia Vergara, Armie Hammer, and Jason Bateman is another winter-care strategy.

Carlson has a specialized facial that combines powerful plant and botanical oils with advanced radiofrequency technology to fight the effects of cold temperatures on the skin while helping to build collagen. The treatment begins with a professional-grade Romilly Wild dry oil serum cleanser to help boost skin metabolism for cell regeneration.

The next step includes a face massage with infused organic Sea Buckthorn and Rose Hip oil, accompanied by a warming radiofrequency treatment to enable the skin to create its own collagen. The final step is a luxurious professional grade fiber collagen mask to seal moisture and further help boost collagen.

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