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Desi Hacks: Take A Look At 7 Must-know Baby Oil Benefits For Skincare

Desi hacks to use baby oil for skin and hair. Take a look at some super DIY hacks you must-try with baby oil, as they can help in improving your skin health.

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Baby oil is one of the most readily available and economical products in the skin-care markets. But do you know that there are several baby oil benefits you had no idea about? Check out some desi hacks related to baby oil, and make full use of this wonder oil for your skin-care. Take a look.

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Seven Baby Oil Benefits You Must-Know

1. Use a moisturizer

One of the most widely used desi hacks of baby oil is to use it as moisturizer post your shower routine. As baby oil is not as sticky as other body oils, applying a few drops over partially damp skin can do wonders for your skin. Do this on a regular basis, and you will be able to see a reasonable difference in your skin. Those with dry skin must try this baby oil hack. 

2. Helps to get rid off the frizz

Our hair tends to get brittle due to the use of harsh chemicals often. This hair problem can be tamed by the usage of baby oil on split ends. Every day apply a few drops of baby oil on the lengths and ends of your hair. Comb through and make sure no tangles are there. This subtle provision of oil to hair will also make them less frizzy.

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3. Substitute of an under- eye cream


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Some individuals prefer to apply under-eye soothing gel before sleeping for a good night's sleep. But if you are running out of it then not to worry. With light hands, just dab some baby oil under your eyes, and massage for a minute or two. This process will increase the blood flow, and relax your mind. 

4. Works for dry ankles in winters 

When talking about baby oil benefits, there's no way we miss out on using baby oil as a softening agent for your ankles and heels. During winters, massage your foot with some baby oils, then wear socks and go off to sleep. The next morning you will find your feet much softer.

5. Body-Hair Shaving


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At times, women experience various skin problems while shaving their legs or hands. Application of baby oil all over the area you want to shave is a good idea. This is because the razor will smoothly chop off all the unwanted hair from the skin without any cuts. 

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6. Good exfoliator

Baby oil when mixed with sugar can be used as a good lip scrub. This homemade lip-scrub will not only exfoliate your lips but it will help get rid off all the dead skin. Due to baby oil, they will stay nourished too. All you need to do is mix half teaspoon of sugar granules and few drops baby oil. Scrub this mixture for five minutes and notice the difference in the colour of your lips. 

7. Great Makeup-Remover  

Baby oil can also be used as a make-up remover. Just pour 4-5 drops of baby oil on a cotton pad, and glide over the face. Not only such a make-up remover is natural and won't cause any harm on skin, but it would prove very economical on your pockets as well. You can use it without any stress for eye-makeup removal as well.

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Disclaimer: This article does not provide medical advice. In case of better advisory, kindly check with your dermatologist before following. There could be different results for different individuals.

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