Dry Brushing Technique For Skin Care; Right Usage And Benefits


Dry brushing is brushing your skin firmly with a soft-bristled brush. The technique has many beneficial effects on the skin. Take a look to know its benefits.

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Dry brushing

Bodycare is one of the essential parts of a daily skincare routine. There are several body care products and techniques that have been invented for the betterment of the skin. One such practice is dry brushing the skin. This practice has gained popularity lately and it has also been one of the major trends that have been followed. Dry brushing reportedly has many potential benefits, from smoother skin to helping with lymphatic drainage.  It is basically brushing your skin with a soft-bristled brush in a particular pattern. This is usually done before showering.

Benefits of dry brushing your skin

Lymphatic support

The lymphatic system is the major part of the body’s immune system. According to the National Institute of health, dry brushing the skin regularly helps in stimulating the normal lymph flow within the body and helps the body detoxify itself naturally.


Exfoliation can be noticed in just one practice of this technique. This process of running a natural bristles brush over the skin helps loosen and remove dead skin cells, which in turn naturally exfoliates the skin. In the first few days of dry brushing, you will notice less dry skin and much softer skin.

Clean Pores

Due to exfoliating the skin regularly, the skin gets cleared off oil, dirt, and residue from the pores. According to a popular medical journal, you can also use a smaller, gently dry brush for the face. This will make your facial skin softer and clean.

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Even fat distribution

There is a high tendency for one section of our body to get more fat than the rest. This fat accumulation depends on the metabolism rates of such areas. Continuous dry skin brushing, however, can help evenly distribute the fat across the entire body instead of depositing them in the same places every time as per Healthline. 

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It rejuvenates the nervous system

Our nervous system plays a major role in the functioning of our entire body, and most of our nerve ending are near the skin. These nerve endings are responsible for communicating senses to the brain which allows us to react according to the situation. According to the National Institute of health, when a person regularly brushes their skin, these nerve endings are rejuvenated, making the body much more alert and responsive to stimulation, especially touch.

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Disclaimer: The following information is taken from different medical journals. The effect may differ according to the skin type. It is better to know your skin type before practicing any skincare technique. 

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