Eye Glasses: How To Find The Perfect Eye Frame For You


Perfect glasses gives you a perfect look; it is important to take care of your eyesight and also look good, so here are a few ways to choose the best frames

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Some people usually go for any eyeglasses, as for them, the only thing matters is clear sight. But sometimes, wearing the wrong type of frame totally ruins the look.  Therefore,  it is important to buy eyeglasses which suits you well. Here are a few ways to choose your frame as per your face.

Identify your Face Shape

Look directly into a mirror to determine your face shape. Take a close look at your face and head's overall shape. There are seven main shapes-

Heart-shaped face- Choose frames that are wider, thin, light coloured and also rimless. These kinds of glasses would make your face look the best.

Oblong face shape- Wearing frames that have more depth than width will make your face look more perfect and balanced.

Square face shape- Narrow from styles, or frames that have more width than depth would be a great pick

Diamond face shape- Rimless eyeglasses, oval frames, cat-eye shaped is a great pick for you.

Round face shape-  Round face appear thinner with narrow eyeglass frames and also rectangle grams that are wider.

Base-down triangle- Try frames that are dark colour or a cat-eye shape frames.

Oval face shape- For oval face shapes it is better to get a wide eye frame

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Skin Tone

Skin tone helps to assess which frames look best on you. Skin tone is significant for choosing a frame. You can choose a shade which is closest to your skin tone. People with lighter skin tone can opt for a warm shade. Contrast colours would not really go well. Brown shades, gold, honey, or olive green are the best frame shade for you. If you have a darker complexion, frames that are silver, black, dark pink, purple, or grey would be a perfect choice for you.

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Hair Colour

Hair colour also matters when you choose your eye frame. If you have darker hair colour, like red or black, then you should go for a lighter shade frame. Brown colour hair would go well with brown, rimless frames. Cat-eye shaped frames would go well with any hair colour. The great pick would be black colour frames. These frames go well with all kinds of hair colour.

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