Gift Wrapping Ideas: Tips & Tricks To Save Time This Holiday Season


Check out these gift wrapping ideas, hacks, and tips to save time this holiday season. Learn how to wrap gifts in a unique, creative way. Read more for details.

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gift wrapping ideas

The holiday season is gearing up, and it's the perfect time to stock up on your favourite gift supplies. Save yourself from last-minute hassles and level up your wrapping game. To give a personal touch to your gifts, you can wrap them in a classy/artsy/fun way depending on whom you are gifting to. So, here are some hacks to show off your creativity this holiday season.

Gift wrapping ideas and tips

  • Use double-sided tape for gift wrapping to make your gift look clean and professional. 
  • The tootsie roll method is the easiest and works like a charm while wrapping an oddly shaped gift. 
  • If your wrapping paper is plain, then craft an artsy gift tag to ace a classy look. 
  • Usually, while gift wrapping, people sit on the floor, but a better tip is to stand and use a table to ensure everything is at hands' reach. 
  • When you are short of wrapping paper, use the diagonal wrapping method. Just place your wrapping paper on a flat surface in a diamond shape, then keep your gift box in the middle and finish off the wrapping in the conventional way.

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How to wrap a gift in a creative way

  • Gift bag - Turn your wrapping paper into a gift bag. For this, cut the required amount of wrapping paper and fold it into half from two sides while creating a seam at the centre. Use a double-sided tape to stick the seam to the paper. Now, for the bottom of the bag, fold up at least a quarter of the side. Open the folded part and lay it flat, you will get a diamond shape. Fold up the two triangles from top and bottom and secure it with the tape. Put your gift inside and fold the top over. You can either tape the top or just punch two holes and secure the gift bag with a ribbon.
  • Furoshiki gift wrap - Use a solid colored fabric to wrap up your gift in the furoshiki method. It can be used for small, cube-shaped gifts.

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  • Gift paper as a flower- If you have extra wrapping paper, fold it in half and then fold it again. Start cutting strips on the longitudinal side of the paper leaving 1 cm at the end. Use scissors to spiral each strip. Roll the paper while arranging the spirals on the side. Secure it with tape before taping onto your gift. 
  • Small gift case - Use a toilet paper tube for small gifts, it acts as a small case. Fold the sides and tape it after keeping your gift inside. Wrap the gift paper only in the middle for some bling and complete the look with a thread or a bow.
  • Glitter ribbon - If you are out of ribbons, then use double-sided tape in the shape of ‘T’ on the top side of your gift wrap and sprinkle coloured glitter over it. It looks very attractive and even the kids will love doing this activity with you.

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