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Gucci Heiress Files Lawsuit Against Stepfather Accusing Him Of Sexual Abuse; Shares Video

Gucci heiress Alexandra Zarini alleges that her stepfather sexually abused her between age six to 22. Lawyers share her allegations through a video.

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Alexandra Zarini has made her allegations against former stepfather Joseph Ruffalo, public. Alexandra Zarini’s stepfather allegedly sexually abused her between the age of six and twenty-two. The 35-year-old granddaughter of Aldo Gucci shared a YouTube video, describing her experience.

According to her video, Ruffalo abused her for a period of sixteen years despite her mother Patricia Gucci and grandmother Bruna Palombo being aware of the situation. The two 'covered up the situation in a bid to save the reputation of the brand,' as per the lawsuit filed by Gucci heiress. 

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Gucci heiress files lawsuit against her stepfather 

Alexandra Zarini hails from the luxury fashion giant family. However, in her testimonial video, she said that ‘child sexual abuse can happen to anyone'. She also added, “If you think this doesn’t happen here in Beverly Hills, then you should know that my perpetrator still lives in California, spends time at the Bel-Air country club and volunteers in your children’s hospitals. This is not something that only happens to other families, other neighbourhoods or other countries. It is everywhere.”

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Alexandra Zarina's mother

As reported by the New York Times, Zarini’s lawsuit states that “Ruffalo regularly got into bed naked with her, fondled her and attempted to penetrate her with his hands. Zarini further alleged that he exposed his own genitals to her and rubbed them against her.” She claimed that she was the victim of beatings and even strangulation by her mother at times. Ruffalo used to ‘take her to a room with the excuse of keeping her safe,’ as per her lawsuit as reported in The New York Times.

Alexandra Zarini's mother Patricia Gucci covered his traces up with the help of her grandmother Bruna Palombo as per Zarini’s allegations. She even laid down that the start of her substance abuse which was encouraged by Ruffalo. She later struggled for years. However, through her actions, Zarini wishes to help people who have been the victim of child sexual abuse and are afraid to speak up. She says that it is important to come out and talk about it in her video.

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Alexandra Zarini's stepfather abused her sexually as per the following video-

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