Hair Care Tips: Try These DIY Hair Mists To Keep You Hair Fresh And Dirt-free


Hair Care Tips to keep your hair fresh and healthy are numerous be it home remedies or hair treatments. Check some DIY hair-mists to keep your hair dirt-free.

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Having stronger and long hair is like a blessing in today's life. Most of the people these days deal with various hair-related issues due to excessive use of hair products filled with harmful chemicals. These chemicals can often prove to be dangerous and damage the hair follicles to a great extent. In order to keep your hair fresh and dirt-free, take a look at some hair mists you can prepare at home with a few natural ingredients. These DIY hair mists will not only keep your hair away from grime and dirt but also prevent it from the frequent rinse.  Trichologist suggests not to rinse your hair every day as regular shampoo can wash away the Keratin in hair. 

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DIY Hair Mists To Keep Your Hair Fresh And Dirt-Free

Green Tea Hair Mist


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Green Tea not only helps in detoxifying your body but your scalp as well. Cool Green tea, when accompanied with water and essential oils, can works wonders for your hair. In order to make this DIY Hair Mist, all you need is a spray bottle, 20 ml cool green tea, water and tea tree oil. Add green tea and water in a spray bottle and add 4-5 drops of tea tree oil in it. Shake the bottle well and spray all over your scalp. After application, you will notice a huge difference in the quality of your hair.

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Rose Water and Aloe Vera Hair Mist 


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Aloe Vera is a magical ingredient when it comes to hair care. You will find a plethora of hair care tips related to Aloe Vera gel. In order to prepare a hair mist with aloe vera gel, you must have some rose water and coconut oil. In a bowl add one tablespoon of aloe vera gel with two tablespoons of rose water. Add a few drops of coconut oil in it and mix the ingredients well. With the help of tips of your fingers apply evenly on scalp. This hair mist will help in keeping your hair fresh for a minimum of two days.

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Honey Hair Mist

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Honey helps in preventing dry scalp and flakiness. Honey helps in keeping the scalp moisturised due to its emollient and humectant properties. To make honey hair mist, you will need some honey, rose water and a few drops of lavender oil. In a spray bottle, add one tsp of honey, two tbsp of rose and 6-7 drops of lavender oil. Shake the spray bottle well until all the ingredients are combined properly. Then spray it all over your scalp. This hair mist will keep your hair shiny and silky for a good period of time.

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