Hairstyles: Chinese Staircase Ponytail Braid | DIY Step-by-Step Guide


Chinese Staircase Ponytail Braid is a chic hairstyle for women with long hair. Check out the step by step guide to creating this surprisingly easy braid

Written By Aishwarya Rai | Mumbai | Updated On:

Chinese Staircase Ponytail Braid! That sounds interesting, yet complicated. However, fret not as it is a surprisingly easy braid style to create. This hairstyle is best suited for girls or women with medium to long and long to very long hair. A must-try hairstyle if you want to look chic and fierce at the same time. Here is how you can style your braid:

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Tools Required: You need very few tools and accessories to create the Chinese Staircase Ponytail Hairstyle, like

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  • A Detangler or a hairbrush
  • High-Quality Straightener
  • Heat Protectant
  • Hair Serum
  • 2-3 Elastic Rubber Band

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It’s time to start: Remember Pull-Roll-Pierce-Tight

  1. You cannot create this hairstyle on unwashed or dirty hair. So rinse your hair with cold water first and start fresh. You can blowdry or Air dry your hair before commencing with the hairstyle.
  2. Once your hair is 100% dry and water-free, take a walnut-amount of heat protectant cream or mousse and apply evenly through the lengths of your hair. This is important to keep your hair away from any heat damage. Use a detangler to brush your hair and make sure its tangle-free.
  3. Now start straightening your hair section by section and ensure that you’ve covered all your hair. Now that your hair is sleek and straight, you can start with the braid.
  4. Make a high ponytail and secure it tightly using a rubber band. Now take out a small section of your hand, about an inch in size, at the right corner of your ponytail.
  5. Hold this small section near at the base of it, keeping the section on the right outside and bring it underneath your ponytail all the way through, rolling that section over your ponytail. Create an’ inverted U’ with that small section and pull it through the loop/ hole.
  6. Hold it, make sure it's nice and tight. Now that the section is sitting at the base of your ponytail, grab another 1-inch section from the right outside your ponytail.
  7. We have two equal sections at the base of your ponytail. All you need to do is combine these two sections together, keep them on the right side and bring the rest of your combined sections underneath your ponytail.
  8. Key here is to pull the section nice and tight. Make sure that it should settle just below the previous section from the right outside of your ponytail.
  9. Now that you have two sections, hold them at the base together, and, bring that section underneath your ponytail. After that repeat the rolling over your ponytail step. Use your index finger and thumb in order to reach the hole.
  10. Now pull in the section of your hair piercing the loop/hole nice and tight, making sure it sits exactly underneath the previous one.
  11. After this step, you will notice that the braid has started to form very nicely and furthermore taking proper shape.
  12. Repeat the above pattern until your desired length of hair is covered. You can either cover half mid-lengths of hair or your entire hair and secure the staircase braid with the help of an elastic rubber band.
  13. Voila! You are done with your super cool and chic looking Chinese Staircase Braided Ponytail. It might take time for you to do create it the first time but if you keep practising then you’ll ace the style soon.

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