How To Make Your Hair Stronger: Swear By These Five Guidelines To Know


How to make your hair stronger is the question of the hour. Want to know how? Then check out these super easy-to-follow guidelines to make heads turn. Read more

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how to make your hair stronger

Having stronger and long hair is like a blessing in today's life. Most of the people these days deal with various hair-related issues due to excessive use of hair products filled with harmful chemicals. These chemicals can be dangerous and damage the hair follicles to a great extent. In order to grow your hair faster and make them stronger, one should swear by these tips/ guidelines as part of their hair care routine. These guidelines are very easy to follow and they will make a huge difference in the quality of your hair.

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Five Guidelines To Make Your Hair Stronger

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  1. Don’t rinse your hair with hot water: Always rinse your hair with cold water only and avoid using hot water. Cold water helps to add lustre and shine to your hair as it aids to close the cuticles of the hair after shampooing and conditioning. Conditioning is a must and should not be missed as it helps to lock the moisture in your hair, making them shinier and stronger.
  2. Do not use much heat: Overusing hair tools like straightener, curlers, tongs and wavers can damage your hair to a great extent. They can make your hair look good & stylish for some time but in the long-run, they can severely destroy the quality of your hair. You can use these tools once in a while or occasionally but only after applying a hair protectant cream or mousse. Also, use a serum after styling your hair.
  3. Use a wide-tooth comb/high-quality detangler to brush your wet hair: When your hair is wet, they are prone to cause hair breakage. If you brush your wet hair harshly, it will lead to thinning of hair. Comb without wide-tooth will contribute to more hair fall and pulling off hair strands while brushing the hair.
  4. Use a dry shampoo: Sometimes shampooing on a daily basis can eliminate all essential oils from your scalp, which will affect the health of your hair. The very next day you’ll see your hair very oily and greasy. If you want your hair to look dry and fresh everyday then use organic dry shampoos. With an organic shampoo, you can shampoo your hair without water.
  5. Oiling your hair regularly is a must: Oiling your hair is regularly or twice or thrice a week can help stimulate hair growth. Applying oil can also improve the blood circulation in your scalp. Thus, leading to stronger and healthier hair. The best time to oil your hair is during the evening. You should keep the oil overnight and wash your hair the next morning with sulphate free shampoo for best results.

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