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Staying healthy just gets a lot easier with a kitchen garden. A garden that you can keep as close as possible and where you can grow all your vegetables & fruit

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Staying healthy just gets a lot easier with a kitchen garden. A garden that you can keep as close as possible and where you can grow all your vegetables and fruits fresh, throughout the year, is known as a Kitchen Garden. The idea is to continuously harvest it. In a way, Kitchen Gardens encourage you to eat something healthy from your own garden every day, during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kitchen Gardens are separate from other residential gardens. The original idea for a Kitchen Garden was that they would be tended all year long, and houses would have a continuous supply of fresh and healthy foods.

Kitchen Garden Challenges


  • One of the biggest challenges to a kitchen garden is the timing at which the vegetables should be harvested.  Ideally, the vegetables produced in a kitchen garden should be consumed immediately, as and when they are fresh. This requires careful planning of the harvest timing and succession planting. The planning needs to be done before time in order to gain the expected results.
  • In a case where a bushel of beans is ready for harvest, it may not be possible, even for a large number of people, to consume it all, before it becomes stale.
  • Let's take another example where, say a bunch of lettuce is grown together, and a large family finishes it off, at the same time. In a case like that, the family would not get to eat home-grown lettuce again till the time the lettuce is harvested and grown again, from scratch.

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Planning the Quantity

  • Another one of the challenges is planning the quantity of each item that they want to grow. It would be easy to over plant for fresh eating.
  • In an example of tomatoes, it is often tempting to grow many plants at once.  But, two or three tomato plants that get ready at the same time without the intention of freezing, dehydrating or canning them, will result in too many tomatoes to consume at once. 

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The number of kitchen gardens had greatly diminished in the last 50 years. To everyone's surprise, the idea of a kitchen garden is starting to come back as it is the best self-sufficient method. Those who have never had kitchen gardens before are also finding it to be a great idea for a healthy living. They are fast realising the fact that kitchen gardens are great to have, without being overwhelmed with a large-scale preservation garden.

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