Long-haul Flights? Try Out These In-flight Skincare Routine To Keep The Skin Hydrated


Long-haul flights can take a toll on one's skin, whether oily or dry. Here are a few hacks for in-flight skincare routine which will help battle these problems

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In-flight skincare routine

Long-haul flights are a pain for any traveller. Such flights are known to dehydrate the skin and being jet-lagged only worsens the situation. The following are the steps that one needs to follow for a hydrated, glowing skin even after a long-haul flight.

Simple in-flight skincare routine for moisturised skin

Face wipes

Face wipes are an important part of any in-flight skincare routine as they help clean the skin of any makeup residue or dirt. Clean skin is the perfect base before proceeding with any skincare routine that involves applying a lot of products. Cleaning one's face with gentle wipes is an important step when it comes to skincare for oily skin. Such wipes help clean one's face without being too harsh. 

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Sheet mask

After cleaning the face with wipes, the next important thing is to make sure the skin is hydrated throughout the duration of the flight. Face masks cater to various skin problems and types, making use of different ingredients when it comes to skincare for oily skin and skincare for dry skin. Overall, sheet masks provide a cooling and soothing effect from the stuffy aeroplane environment. 

Face serum

After soothing the skin with a sheet mask, one needs to move on to face serums which are also an important part of any in-flight skincare routine. These help in brightening the skin and make it look fresh. Most face serums are said to have vitamin C which helps fight off tiredness. It also helps the face look fresh despite the dry air and closed space of the aeroplane.

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Lip balm

Long hours in an aeroplane might leave the lips dry, chapped and pale. This is where lip balms fit into an in-flight skincare routine. A hydrating lip balm does wonders, making the lips soft and hydrated. One can also opt for tinted lip balms to complete their look.

Hand creams

The next thing on the in-flight skincare routine is hand creams. These also play an important role when it comes to skincare for dry skin. Dabbing some cream on the knuckles and cuticles is the best way to avoid dryness due to the stuffy plane air. One can opt for light or heavy creams depending on the condition of the skin.

Disclaimer: In-flight skincare routines, while being important, need to be followed according to one's skin type. Everybody's skin has different needs. It is important to read the ingredients on every product before buying and using them to avoid skin problems and allergies. It is best to consult a dermatologist for the products best suited for one’s skin.

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