Makeup: Top Five Must-have Products In Your Kit


Makeup helps you to put your best foot, giving you an edge over others. Check out the top five must-have makeup essential products you need to have. Read on

Written By Aishwarya Rai | Mumbai | Updated On:

Makeup is a huge part of women's lives all over the world. Makeup gives you an edge over others by making you feel confident in own your skin. It not only enhances the beauty of a woman, but it also does help in making a fashionable statement. There are certain makeup essentials, which are inevitable in your makeup collection. These must-have cosmetic products can completely transform your overall look without being too harsh on your pockets. Take a look at the top five makeup essentials which should not be skipped.

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Top five makeup essentials

Lipstick: Have you felt like a kid in a beauty store who wanted to buy every lipstick shade? It has happened with almost every makeup enthusiast. Lipstick is an essential makeup product that is a must-have for every woman of every age. It instantly brights up your face, and gives you a different look.  Even though there’s no dearth of various lipstick shades in the market, women find it difficult to zero down on a specific shade which does not give a washed-out look. A deep red and rosy pink lipstick shade works on all skin tones.

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Kajal: Application of Kajal accentuates the beauty of your eyes which further gives you a glamorous look. There is a variety of kajal available in the market with different formulations, one should always pick up a smudge-proof and waterproof kajal for a long-lasting look. You can also use kajal as an eyeliner as well for a nice winged liner, a bold black kajal can be a great buying option.

Foundation: Investing in a good-quality and branded foundation can never go wrong, all you need to do is choose the correct shade for your skin tone. Using a foundation helps to correct skin pigmentation, fine lines and dark circles, thus giving your face a flawless touch. One cannot miss on applying foundation on special occasions hence making it a compulsory part of your makeup ensemble.

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Nail paint: It is often noticed that women royally ignore their nails and just focus on their face while buying makeup, leaving their nails looking lifeless and naked. Picking a nude or peach nail paint shade can be a good investment, as both these shades go well with almost every outfit, be it modern or traditional. 

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Mascara: Natural voluminous long lashes are every girl’s dream and with the help of mascara you can definitely step up the ladder towards it. Mascara helps in accentuating the beauty of your eyes by making them appear bigger and brighter. Thus making a solid place for itself in your must-have makeup list. Never invest in a mascara which is neither waterproof or smudge-proof as it completely ruins your entire makeup look. 

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