Beauty Routines In India That Might Appear Odd But Are Effective


Beauty routines in India have been dominated by ingredients available in the kitchen. Things like Neem, turmeric and lemon have been essential in beauty care.

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Indian culture is known for its rich traditional rituals which have been passed down through centuries and generations. Ayurveda reportedly has many natural remedies to skin issues and also routines which help you improve your overall skin and hair health. Classic home remedies like applying coconut oil on wounds to help them heal faster have been well-known to many. There are many beauty routines that look and sound odd but are indeed very effective. Here are some of the odd beauty routines followed in India. 

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1) Turmeric for a good skin

The use of turmeric in any other place than the kitchen might sound odd to some people. But, the condiment has some great benefits when it comes to skincare. Homemade turmeric face masks have reportedly been a trend in the Indian beauty trend. Turmeric can be mixed with gram flour and applied as a facemask. Mixing turmeric with gram flour allows the facemask to have a scrubbing quality which scrubs out the dead cells from your face. It also helps in reducing skin tan. 

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2) Lemon juice to get rid of dandruff

The alkaline properties of lemon juice have a benefit on hair. It helps with reducing excessive oil in the scalp and lightens the hair colour. The use of fresh lemon juice on hair doesn't dry out the scalp, instead, it nourishes it. The citric acid in lemons also helps in solving hair problems from their roots. 

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3) Ginger for skin issues

Ginger is packed with over 40 antioxidants which provide tremendous support to skin issues. Applying fresh ginger paste mixed with honey can provide anti-ageing benefits. It also helps in reducing acne by its antioxidant properties. Applying ginger can also help one for soothing burns and scars. Gingerol present in ginger provides it with additional medical properties.

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