Spa At Home: Follow These Easy And Affordable Tips For DIY Spa-facials


Spa at home rejuvenates your body and makes you feel fresh. The benefits of a spa at home are immense that helps you feel special and relaxed for a day off

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spa at home

Pampering yourself with a spa at home can be one of the most relaxing treatment for your stress. Spa is considered to be very effective with facial steaming and peels, facial masks, hair mask and many more things. Home spa rejuvenates your body and makes you feel fresh. The ambience for your home spa should be able to transfer you in a reflective mood. Spa helps flush out toxins and relaxes your skin. Home spa helps in preventing fatigue and stress that is visible on your face in the form of dark circles. So, below mentioned are some tips to turn your home into a spa.

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Follow these tips to turn your home into a spa:

1. Choose the right room:

  • Choose a room as per the treatment you want to indulge. Bathroom or Bedroom can be the best choices for a home spa
  • Some people prefer doing their home spa in the bathroom as it is easy to clean, and this eliminates your stress.
  • If you choose the bedroom as your 'spa-room'  you can light candles and adjust your bed to do your face mask. You can also fall asleep if you feel relaxed

2.       Light some scented candles:

  • Scented candles can make your room fresh
  • In winters, scented candles create a nice atmosphere without any glaring light
  • Spa ambience includes lavender, chamomile, rose, and sandalwood candles

3.       Listen to some peaceful music:

  • Listening to music relieves stress by calming heart rate and reducing mental activities
  • Music can reduce your perception of pain. This is why most professional spas play such relaxing music
  • Listening to music releases serotonin and endorphin, which helps you to be happy

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4.       Drink something before you start:

  • Green tea and Coffee are preferable drinks as they can help refresh your mind
  • Green tea is also said to aid in releasing toxins from our body– the reason we go for Spa

Spa facial at home:

You can follow these steps to enjoy a facial spa at home-

1.       Facial Steam:

  • Facial steam will open up the pores of your face and also helps in reducing dirt and dust
  • It will soften your blackheads, and in turn, cleanse and bring a glow to your face by increasing blood circulation through vessels

2.     Facial & Hair Mask:

  • Face and hair mask helps keep your skin hydrated. Most face-masks offer benefits such as reducing fine lines, wrinkles and giving an overall youthful appearance

3.     Gentle Massage:

  • Take a gentle body massage which helps in relieving stress, anxiety, body pain, muscle tension, headache, and reduces depression
  • You can use brown sugar, olive oil, and oatmeal to make a DIY homebody scrub. Apply it slowly all over your body to remove tan and dead skin cells

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4.     Bath Salts:

  • Taking a hot bath helps ease your muscles and calm your nerves
  • Adding your favourite bath salts or bubbles will definitely help your body-detox experience

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