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Tattoo: Top 4 Coolest Tattoo Places In Pune You Must Check Out

Tattooing is a unique art that is popular across the world. Here's a list of some of the best tattoo places in Pune to visit if you're thinking of getting it.


Tattooing or getting inked has become a popular trend among youngsters across the world. Tattoos can represent a person's thoughts and ideologies among other things. Tattoos are quite painful to get but the end result is always worth it. Always make sure you know what you're getting and you will always appreciate it because a tattoo is a permanent mark that you will carry on yourself for life. Plan it in advance.

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The most important thing to consider is hygiene before getting yourself tattooed. It is advised that you go to a well known and smartly picked tattoo artist for getting yourself tattooed. Here are some of the best Tattoo places in Pune, we have curated and put together if you're considering getting one.

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Best places to get a tattoo in Pune

Inkalab Tattoo Studio

Location: Inkalab Tattoo Studio, Koregaon Park

This is among the coveted tattoo places in Pune. The main artist Anand Chadwick is known for his tattoo designs and ideas. People go to him for his talent and experience. The studio offers a wide variety of creative services, besides guidance and counselling, related to tattoos, touch-ups, cover-ups, and extensions are also available.

Guns Artwork Tattoo

Location: Guns Artwork Tattoo, Koregaon Park

This store has been running for 12 years now. This is a great place to get 3D, illusions and illustrations. The parlour has attracted a lot of clientele worldwide. This place also has artists who are proficient in Mandala tattoos.

Kit’s Tattoo Studio

Location: Kit's Tattoo Studio, Aundh

Location: Kit's Tattoo Studio, Aundh

This parlour belongs to Ankit Malik, who has a unique eye for art and designs. Since he opened the place back in 2006, the studio has attracted more than 1,000 clientele. Most of all, his tattoos are at a very fair price. 

Kraayoonz Tattoo Studio

Location: Kraayonz Tattoo Studio, Koregaon Park

Sameer Patange is a famous tattoo artist. The name was inspired by an actual crayon which was Sameer’s first tool that allowed him to express his artistic side. They also reportedly have a large clientele and operate in Mumbai, Goa and Banglore as well.

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