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Canada Day Fireworks 2020 Saskatoon: Know Everything About The Event

Canada Day fireworks 2020 Saskatoon: Many ceremonies have been adjusted taking into consideration the pandemic crisis. Read on to know Saskatoon event updates

canada day fireworks 2020 saskatoon

Canada Day, which is celebrated on July 01 every year, will see a change in the way it is celebrated this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic crises. Canada Day is celebrated with great honour and glory and there are numerous events held on the day in various regions of the country, Saskatoon is one of the cities in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan that attracts wide attention from the people across the world for its fireworks. Read on to know more about Canada Day fireworks 2020 in Saskatoon. 

Canada Day fireworks 2020 Saskatoon

Saskatoon is one of the largest cities in the Canadian province and Canada Day in the city is considered to be unique in its own way. However, there have been some major changes in the celebrations for the year 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic crises. The celebrations that are held at Diefenbaker Park are going to be unusual and unique. Saskatoon Optimist Canada Day 2020 will be held virtually and the event held at the Park is canceled. Those who do not know need to note that there is will be a fireworks display on July 01, 2020. 

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However, there will be virtual Optimist Canada Day. Saskatchewan artists including JJ Voss, Alex Runions, Roland Corrigal, Leslie Stanwyck, Shantaia, Stephanie Rose & Darlene Tuleta will be performing the virtual show. The event is produced by Johnny Sinclair and the virtual fireworks will be displayed by Dave Marcoux. The official channel of Optimist Canada Day gave people a sneak peek into the virtual show that will be held on July 1. The virtual celebration will be streamed on the official website of Optimist Canada Day Saskatoon website. 

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The opening ceremonies of the virtual Canada Day 2020 will feature greetings from several renowned personalities including Prime Minister Trudeau, Premier Scott Moe, Mayor Charlie Clark, MP's Kevin Waugh, Corey Tochor, Brad Redekopp, Federation des Francophone President - Dustin McNichol, CUMFI President - Shirley Isbister, Opposition Leader - Ryan Meili, Lt Commander Canadian Forces -  Gary Gregor and Chair Saskatoon Optimist Canada Day - Rob Belyk. The virtual show will be hosted by eMCees Steve Shannon and Jeff Soucy. 

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