Christmas Is Here; Make Paper Santa Claus For Holiday Decoration


Christmas is incomplete without Santa. Here is how one can use materials found around the house to make one’s own Santa Claus. Read on for the quick guide

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With every approaching Christmas season, people are invested in approaching new and innovative ways to make the celebrations of the current year better than the rest. While people may want to spend a lot on decorations of various kinds, it is not necessary for them to do so. This is because it is possible to make certain Christmas decorations at home, using materials that are quite readily available - and a paper Santa Claus stands as the prime example of the same. So, if one is wondering about how to make a Santa Claus at home, these few simple and easy steps should do the trick.

Easy Steps to Make a Christmas Paper Santa Claus

Materials required:

· Paper plate

· Non-toxic paint or paint meant for kids

· PVA glue

· Cotton wool

· Scissors

· Brush for painting

· Pencil for sketching and curling

· A4 size paper

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· First, the paper plate needs to be painted into two divisions- one white and the other red to make Santa’s hat.

· Leaving the plate to dry, one must move onto the A4 size paper and cut it into strips of equal width. Ideally, the strips should be 1cm wide, but one can change the width according to one's preferences. However, the papers should be of equal length and breadth.

· Next, one can move on to curling the paper to create ringlets. To do this, one can wrap the paper around the pencil and press down gently to ensure that the curls are formed. To release the curls from the pencil, one has to pull the pencil in a downward motion.

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· This step has to be performed again for all the strips of paper.

· When the ringlets have been formed, they need to be stuck on the white end of the paper plate- as they make Santa’s beard. When one layer of paper strips have been attached, another layer of strips can be added on top of the first. The process has to continue until all the strips of paper have been stuck on the plate.

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· For the finishing touches, one can add a few details to their paper Santa. This could include giving Santa some big plump cheeks with pink paint or giving him a big red nose in the shape of an oval, or by giving him black beady eyes.

The paper Santa is now ready. One can display it under the Christmas tree itself, or weave a thread through it and hang it from the walls as a Christmas decoration.

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These are the few steps in which one can make a paper Santa Claus. Instead of using black paint for Santa’s eyes, one can also use stick-on googly eyes for a more fun, crazy Santa look.


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