Christmas Secret Santa: Know The Rules To Play The Fun Game At Home, School Or Anywhere


Christmas Secret Santa games are always exciting. They enrich with a joyous feeling of fun and frolic. Take a look at what are the rules to swear by for playing

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Christmas secret santa

Christmas and Secret Santa are synonymous with each other. Essentially, Secret Santa is a game, wherein individuals exchange gifts among themselves without revealing their identity. Secret Santa holds a lot of significance for Catholics and Christians across the globe. Take a look at how this game is played and what are the rules you need to swear by-


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How to play Secret Santa in 5 easy steps?

The traditional secret Santa rules are quite stringent, which have been altered lately depending on comfort. Different people follow different game rules nowadays, some exchange gifts prior to Christmas, while some play secret Santa post-Christmas. You can play Secret Santa with family, friends, your colleagues or all the three.

1. Decide the number of participants:

Firstly this game is bound to have a minimum of two and a maximum of as many participants who wish to play this game. Very often, there’s a dearth or gifts on the day of Secret Santa due to the miscalculation of participants. Therefore it is important to keep a track on the number of participants or pairs, who will be exchanging gifts on Christmas.

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2. Jot down the names

After everyone assembles, each individual is required to write their name on the chit. Furthermore, you can also write what gift you desire from your Secret Santa. This trick helps in reducing the dilemma of your Secret Santa to zero down on a specific gift from their end.

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3. Time to shuffle

After every participant of Secret Santa has written their names on chits, these chits then together are kept in a glass bowl, or a box and shuffled. After rigorous shuffling, each participant is required to pick one chit each. Without revealing the name, one is secretly responsible for buying a Christmas gift for the person, whose name they drew from the bowl.

4. Where’s my Christmas gift?

Once the scheduled date and time is set, everyone must place their gift at a commonplace. Every gift must have the name on, as in whom it belongs, without disclosing the identity of the person, who bought the gift. The gifts should be wrapped beautifully. Ideally, the exchange of gifts should happen on the joyous occasion of Christmas.

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5. Guess who is your Secret Santa?

After receiving the gift, you are required to guess who played your Secret Santa this Christmas. This is generally the most fun part of the game, which every participant eagerly waits for.

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