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Earth Day Activities For Kids That Will Help Them Learn While They Have Fun

Earth Day activities for kids which will develop their knowledge on various subjects related to the environment. Here is a look at a few activities to add.

earth day activities for kids

Earth Day is celebrated across the world on 22 April every year. This day is significant as special emphasis is put on how important it is to save and protect the environment. Every year, various institutions conduct a number of fun activities for kids to help them understand the measures to be taken. This year, due to the current Coronavirus crisis, kids might not be able to be a part of various group development activities. Here is a look at a few activities that can be done at home to teach them the importance of this day if you have been looking for “Earth Day for Kids 2020”.

Earth Day activities for kids

1.       Build a mud house

The most fun activity that you can do with your child on this day is to build things with natural material. You can also do this at home if you take the necessary precautions. All you have to do is to spread out a huge plastic sheet on the floor so that you do not spoil the house in the process. You can also teach the kids the importance of fertile soil, types and other significant information related to it.

2.       Junk papercraft

You can use things like leftover glitter and craft items to make various decorative items. One of the best things to do is to make a pen holder or a wall hanging with beautiful colours and design. This will help your kid understand the importance of recycling items that they already have. Mainly consider using leftover chart papers or even the unused sides of printed or used papers. You can also make maximum use of newspapers in the process.

3.       Planting

One of the most important things to add for Earth Day kids’ activities this year is to teach them the importance of planting at home. You can also teach them how to take care of their plants. Tell them to water the plants regularly and take utmost care so that they grow well. Cultivating this habit in them will help them to a great extent in the future.

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4.       Essay writing

Let the Earth Day kids’ activities be fun and educative at the same time. When you put kids up for elocution, debates, and essay writing, their research on the matter will lead to the development of proper knowledge on the topic. Let them read up and find content on their own and also put them up for gifts and prizes for good work.

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