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Easter Bunny Meaning, Origin And Significance That One Must Know About

Easter Bunny meaning, origin, significance, and story revealed for everyone to know about it in detail. Easter Bunny is also popularly known as Easter Rabit

easter bunny meaning

Every year, Good Friday is celebrated to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus and his death by Christians. According to the Bible, Christ was crucified and later resurrected as he came back to life on Easter Sunday. This day holds great prominence in the Christian calendar. Easter is observed on a full moon in the spring season, which keeps on varying every year, falling between March 21 to April 25.

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A lot of Christians visit churches to pray and celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection on this day, getting together with their beloved ones for a special meal. However, several others follow some modern traditions to mark Easter, including Easter eggs, chocolates and the Easter Bunny. Many might wonder, what significance does the Easter Bunny hold, therefore, here is everything you need to know about Easter Bunny.


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What is Easter Bunny?

The Easter Bunny is also popularly known as the Easter Rabbit or the Easter Hare. It is considered as a folkloric symbol of Easter, which is depicted as a hare/rabbit bringing Easter eggs. The Easter Bunny was originated by the German Lutherans, playing the role of a judge who evaluated the behaviour of children at the beginning of the Eastertide season.  

The Easter Bunny story started to become common and popular in the 19th Century. The creature is known to carry coloured eggs, candies, and toys in its basket for the children, and are considered similar to Santa Claus as both of them get gifts for the children a night before their respective holidays.

In ancient times, hares were believed to be hermaphrodites and were also a popular motif in the medieval church art. However, bunnies are not the only animals traditionally associated with Easter in every country. Some countries identify this holiday with other animals including cuckoo birds and foxes.

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