How To Make Holi Colours At Home? Here's Your Guide For Eco-friendly Festival Of Colours


How to make Holi colours at home without much hassle. Here is a look at the process of making organic Holi colours at home with easy ingredients.

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how to make holi colors at home

Colours are the most crucial part of the Holi festival. However, there are dangers associated with the festival, such as the blatant use of chemical solvents and toxic agents in colours which might cause skin irritation. These colours also have the potential to harm your hair and eyes. Are you wondering how to get natural organic colours for Holi? The best thing to do is to create these colours at home. This way, there would be no burn in your pocket while the health of your hair and skin stays. Here is a look at how to make Holi colours at home and wish your family and friends a happy Holi in the right way.

How to make natural Holi colours at home

1.                   Red

  •        Pull out a few petals of hibiscus flower and dry them out in the sun. Once dry, make a powder out of them and add white flour to increase the quantity.
  •        Dry out a few petals of rose and crush them to create a powder. Add white flour and use it as required.
  •        Take corn starch and add a few drops of red food colour.

2.                   Orange

  •        To make orange colour powder, take Tesu flowers and dry them till they can be powdered. Add a little bit of flour to this and use the colour.
  •        To make orange coloured liquid, add some henna powder to a bucket of water and leave it for a while
  •        Adding a few strands of Kesar inro boiling water will also help you get orange water.

3.                   Green

  •        To get green colour Holi powder, just take a good quality henna powder and mix with flour.
  •        Take fresh neem leaves and boil them in water. You will get good quality green water for your pichkaris.

4.                   Yellow

  •        To get authentic yellow Holi colour, take turmeric chunks and powder them up using a grinder. Now add a bit of besan for quantity and you are good to go.
  •        Add turmeric powder to water to use it in your pichkaris.

5.                   Blue

  •        Making blue colour naturally is a bit of a task. You need Neeli Gulmohar flower which has to be dried and powdered. Add flour too this and make it dense.
  •        Take a bowl of cornstarch and add blue food colour to get the right Holi colour

6.                   Purple

  •        To make Purple powder, add a few drops of purple food colour to a bit of corn powder
  •        To get purple water, cut a few beetroots and boil them in water. Let it cool and use immediately or make sure you store it right.

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7.                   Brown

  •        Take henna powder and amla powder. Put them together and you will get brown Holi colour. Add the same mix to water to get brown water for pichkari.
  •        Take brown food colour and add to a bowl of corn starch. Use as much as needed.

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