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International Mother Earth Day 2020 Theme: Goals Set For Biodiversity & Zero-carbon Future

International Mother Earth Day 2020 theme is based on the fact that it coincides with the year dedicated for biodiversity along with focusing to reduce carbon.

International mother earth day 2020 theme

International Earth Day is celebrated every year all across the world on April 22. People in every country come together to show support for environmental conservation. It is a global movement that was started in the year 1970 with the aim to spread awareness about the importance of environmental conservation. Each year, there is a theme decided on which the entire celebration is based on. International Mother Earth Day 2020 theme is all about decreasing carbon use and biodiversity.

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International Mother Earth Day 2020 theme

The Mother Earth Day 2020 is coinciding with the year of biodiversity. Therefore, Earth Day 2020 will focus on the importance of biodiversity in humans. It will also look at the role that humans play as an indicator of Earth's health. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only posed a significant threat to public health and the economy on a global scale but also has a large scale impact on biological diversity. On the flip side, biodiversity can actually become a part of the solution, as these organisms can make the rapid spread of the disease impossible.

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The theme of Earth Day 2020 will look at how problems like Australian flames, extreme heat and Kenya's locust invasion, coupled with the pandemic, have created major problems. The right amount of changes in biodiversity can lead to a better sustaining of life. The impacts on nutrition, environmental science and conventional medicine, emerging infectious diseases and improvements in plant distribution, parasites, livestock and even human communities, most of which are impacting climate change, are part of the interactions between the environment and biomes.

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At the end of 2020, all the nations are expected to work more towards the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change. Citizens of the Earth have to make a united call for creativity, innovation, ambition, and bravery for the climate crisis. They must also seize opportunities for a zero-carbon future.

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