New Year 2020: Theme Parties To Organise For The New Year 2020 Bash


New Year 2020: New Year is just a month away and people have started making plans. Here are the various themes parties you can organise for New Year 2020.

Written By Riddhi Adsul | Mumbai | Updated On:
New Year 2020

New Year is just a month away and most people have started making plans for New Year 2020. While some spend the night wandering through the city to ring in the New Year, others spend it at extravagant hotels or over the top New Year bashes at clubs. Both are fun, but sure are expensive. A few also like to spend the New Year at their cosy home, catching up on a special movie, as they usher in the New Year. However, if you want to plan to spend your new year 2020's eve, have a look at these party themes, you can set up a bashing New Year 2020's party. 

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New Year party themes

Black and White party theme

Black and white is a coloured theme party one can organise for the New Year 2020's bash. This simple yet classy theme is sure to make your New Year 2020's party memorable and have your guests enjoy the party experience. Have your guests dress in the colour of black and white. Turn up your home with the classic tones of black and white. Get creative with the decor and create a magical ambience. 

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Bollywood theme party

Bollywood themed party is one of the most popular party themes for the New Year 2020. Go the retro style this New Year 2020. You can select an era theme like the 90s or 80s and ask your guests to dress up accordingly. Bring back the Bollywood music of that era and let your guests jive. You can also plan for a karaoke night and let your guests put their singing skills to use. 

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Neon Glow party

If you are looking for some dark or club type theme, neon glow party would be your go. Your living room can be transformed into a chic club-like atmosphere, with a little ingenuity, and without much expense. Dim the lights, swap in some black light bulbs around the room. Blacklight bulbs are fluorescent lamps coated to filter out visible light. So when something is passed under these bulbs, it pops with eclectic colours. Make sure your guests come dressed in light-coloured clothing.

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