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What Is National Crawfish Day? Here's Why National Crawfish Day Celebrated

National Crawfish Day is one of the most happening days. Take a look at what is National Crawfish Day and how to celebrate this day with your family.

what is national crawfish day

National Crawfish Day is celebrated on April 17, 2020. It said to be one of the South’s most iconic foods. As per reports, each year on the National Crawfish Day the mudbug or crawfish bring people together as they go on to celebrate this day with lots of fun. 

How to observe National Crawfish Day?

This day is celebrated with family and friends as they go on to enjoy with great gusto. They go on to enjoy this day with delicious crawfish boil or crawfish tails. As it also said that as one celebrates this day they go one share these pictures and recipes with their friends.

During the National Crawfish Day 2020, one can enjoy the variety of shellfish such as crayfish, ditchbug, crawpappy, crawdad and many more. It is also reported that one of the popular ways to serve the crawfish is in paper towels. Apart from the main dish, on the National Crawfish Day celebration, people also go on to indulge in a massive pile of corn, potatoes, and sausages that leave the people wanting more.

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A crayfish party or National Crayfish Day is said to be a traditional summertime celebration in the Nordic nations. As per reports, this tradition was originated in Sweden, where a crayfish party is known as kräftskiva. Nowadays many restaurants and hotels celebrate this day with immense fun and delicious crayfish food.

The main motto of this day is to celebrate one of the most cherished native foods of the Southern culture. On this day friends and family encourage and lift the spirits in excitement to step out during the peak season to indulge in a crawfish boil surrounded with loved ones.

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