Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Pi Day And How It Is Celebrated


What is Pi Day and how is Pi day celebrated across the globe? Read to find out the importance of Pi day and how people have already started the celebration

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what is pi day

Pi is a well-known mathematical constant that denotes the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. When one types π in any calculator and presses enter, the result that it will display is 3.141592654. However, Pi is an irrational number and is a decimal with no end. Every year, March 14 is celebrated as Pi Day across the globe. Pi is often represented by the Greek letter π. The mathematical constant is approximated with either 3.14 or 22/7. 

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What is Pi Day?

Every year, Pi Day has been celebrated in several ways, including throwing pies, eating pies, and discussing the importance of the π. With pi and pie being homophones in English and the circular shape of pies, people tend to celebrate Pi day by making pies. In addition to that, a lot of schools also hold competitions like which student recalls the highest decimal number of Pi.

Princeton, New Jersey, hosts multiple events every year to celebrate both Pi Day and Albert Einstein's birthday. Einstein used to live in Princeton and worked at the Institute for Advanced Study. Apart from pie-eating competitions to recitation contests, they also organise an Einstein look-alike contest. The celebration of Pi day has already begun around the world.

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This is how Twitterati started with the celebration of Pi Day, 2020

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