Kerala: Some Divine South Indian Dishes That One Should Savour


Kerala, residing in the Southern part of India, hosts some divine South Indian cuisine every traveller should devour. Here are ten South Indian dishes.

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Kerala, a quaint little state in the southern part of India, is often referred to as God's Own Country. A culturally rich state, Kerala, serves some authentic South Indian dishes in different parts of the state. Here are ten South Indian dishes, every traveller must devour when in Kerala. 

South Indian Dishes popular in Kerala 

The Kerala cuisine is known for it's rich and generous use of coconut and rice. Bursting with flavours, the South Indian dishes have a huge fan following in the state. Here are ten dishes from the Kerala Cuisine, that have formed the culinary identity of the state. 

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Puttu and Kadala Curry 

Puttu and Kadala Curry is a humble vegetarian breakfast available in almost every food joint in Kerala. Puttu made from rice powder and grated coconut is often accompanied with Kadala (Black Chickpea) Curry. This easy combo is easy to cook and is one of the tastiest and healthiest South Indian food available in Kerala. 


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Appam and Stew

Another popular breakfast dishes among Keralites is Appam and Stew. Appam made from fermented rice powder is accompanied by the humble and flavourful Stew made by cooking potatoes in Coconut milk. Appams taste better when served hot and fresh. 


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Idiyappam and Egg Curry 

Idiyappam and egg curry is a popular Kerala food available in every nook and corner of Kerala. Idiyappam made from rice powder, is often termed as South Indian noodles; and the authentic Egg curry adds the required taste to the bland Idiyappam


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Pathiri and Chicken Curry 

The thin round pancake-shaped Kerala food is a speciality of the Malabar region in Kerala. Made of rice flour, the famous South India dish is often accompanied by a spicy and tasty Chicken Curry by the Keralites. 


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Malabari Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani originated in the Northern part of Kerala, has transcended to all parts of the states, making it a popular dish among the locals. Malabari Chicken Biryani is filled with some intense flavours and serves as a treat for all Biryani lovers. 


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Other Popular Dishes to try when in Kerala: 

  • Avial 
  • Pazhampori 
  • Parotta and Beef 
  • Kappa Curry 
  • Unniyappam 
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