Best Iranian Dishes To Try And Give A Treat To Your Tastebuds!


Iranian dishes are mostly a mix of rice, spices and herbs. It also includes fruits like plums and pomegranate, here are the best Iranian dishes to try.

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Iranian dishes

Iranian cuisine is mostly a combination of rice with meat, vegetables and nuts. Spices, herbs and fruits like plums, pomegranate and raisins are also frequently used in cooking Iranian dishes. Here are the top traditional dishes of the Iranian cuisine to treat your tastebuds,

Best traditional Iranian cuisine to treat your tastebuds

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Fesenjan is an Iranian stew which is flavoured with pomegranate paste and ground walnuts. Traditionally, this Iranian stew is made with meat. It can also be made using balls of ground meat or chunks of lamb. It tastes sweet and sour.

Sabzi polo

Sabzi polo is an Iranian dish of rice and chopped herbs. It is usually served with fish, In the Persian language, sabz means green and sabz can also be referred to herbs or vegetables. Polo is a type of cooked rice with vegetables and spices, also known as pulao.

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Rice cakes are popular in Japan and China but, Tahchin is an Iranian rice cake which consists of rice, yoghurt, saffron and eggs. The dish is made in a more elaborate way by stuffing chicken fillets, vegetables, fish or red meat. After the dish is cooked, it is cut into small pieces like a cake. 

Kabab koobideh

Kabab, also known as kebab is also a dish which was introduced by the middle eastern countries. It is spelt as kebab in English, and the dish is made of lamb or beef. It is less commonly made of chicken mixed with different herbs. It is made by mincing the meat more than once along with herbs and spices and grilling it on a barbeque.

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Ghormesh sabzi

Ghormesh means fried and sabzi means herbs. Together they make a traditional Iranian stew dish made with herbs. This dish mostly consists of parsley, leeks, scallions, cilantro and fenugreek seeds sauteed to make a tangy and savoury stew mostly eaten with rice.

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