Best Travel Books About Delhi To Know More About The Capital City


Here are some best travel books based on Delhi that will help travellers understand the city better. Read on to know more about these books

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Delhi is one of the best places to visit if you are looking for the perfect blend of diverse cultures. There are a few books that will help you explore the place better. Have a look at the list.

Best travel books on Delhi to read

1.       City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi

City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi is a book written by William Dalrymple. The book explores the parts of Delhi that have not very often been spoken about. The book will give you some insight into the history associated with the city as well. It covers the history in depth beginning with the Mughals. 

2.       Connaught Place and the Making of New Delhi

Connaught Place and the Making of New Delhi is a book written by Swapna Liddle. The book talks about the rise of Delhi as a city. It dives into the architecture that the national capital is renowned for. It throws some light on the blend of tradition and modern architecture in the city. 

3.       Delhi

Delhi is a book written by the late legendary writer Khushwant Singh. The book tells the tale of a man who has seen the city grow and expand over the years. You must give this one a chance if you are a fan of information in the form of a story. The book revolves around a man and his mistress. The book leaves a strong impression of the city in the minds of the reader.

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4.       Delhi and Agra: A Traveller's Reader

Delhi and Agra: A Traveller’s Reader is a book written by Michael Alexander. The book tries to recreate the events that have led to the making of the city it is today. It covers the era of the Mughal empire and beyond. The book adds elements to one's imagination about the rich heritage of the city.

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