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Cooling Mint Recipes That Should Become A Staple In Your Summer Meals

Add these simple, cooling mint recipes to your summer menu to add a zingy freshness and flavour to your meals.

Mint Leaves when added to your food not only enhances flavour but reduces your body heat. | Image:Unsplash

Summertime calls for various changes in your meals to cope with the hot and humid weather. It's time to infuse your meals with the fresh and invigorating taste of mint. Known for its cooling properties and refreshing flavour, mint is the perfect addition to your summer menu. If you want to create some summer staples with a bunch of pudina leaves, here are some mint recipes that should become summer staples in your meals.

Mint mojito

Cool off on hot summer days with a classic mojito, a refreshing cocktail made with fresh mint leaves, lime juice, sugar, rum, and soda water. The combination of zesty lime and fragrant mint creates a delightful and invigorating drink that's perfect for sipping by the pool or enjoying with friends at a backyard barbecue.

Mint mojito | Image: Unsplash

Pudina chutney

A versatile condiment that pairs perfectly with a variety of dishes, mint chutney adds a burst of flavour and freshness to your meals. Made with fresh mint leaves, green chilies, garlic, lemon juice, and spices, this vibrant chutney is perfect for serving alongside grilled meats, kebabs, samosas, or as a dip for crunchy snacks.

Mint rice

Elevate your rice dishes with the addition of fresh mint leaves, which add a subtle yet distinct flavour and aroma to the dish. Mint rice, also known as pudina rice, is typically made by sautéing mint leaves with spices and then mixing them with cooked rice. Serve mint rice as a flavorful side dish or enjoy it as a light and satisfying main course.

Mint rice | Image: Unsplash

Pudina raita

A refreshing yogurt-based condiment, pudina raita is made by combining fresh mint leaves with yogurt, spices, and sometimes grated cucumber or onions. This cooling accompaniment is perfect for serving alongside spicy curries, biryanis, or parathas, adding a refreshing contrast to the meal.

Mint chocolate milkshake

Indulge your sweet tooth with a decadent mint chocolate milkshake, a creamy and refreshing treat that's perfect for satisfying cravings on hot summer days. Blend together fresh mint leaves, chocolate ice cream, milk, and chocolate syrup until smooth and creamy. Top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of chocolate shavings for an extra special touch.

Mint chocolate milkshake | Image: Unsplash

Mint watermelon salad

Combine the sweetness of ripe watermelon with the freshness of mint leaves to create a vibrant and refreshing salad that's perfect for summer. Simply toss cubed watermelon with chopped mint leaves, crumbled feta cheese, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze for a simple yet elegant dish that's bursting with flavour.


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