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Freakshakes In Mumbai: Here's The Best Flavour Combos In The City And Where To Get Them

Freakshakes in Mumbai that every shake lover must try out. Here are five places that offer great freakshakes. Read all about what is special in these drinks.

freakshakes in Mumbai

Freakshakes are the new thing across the globe. It is tasty, filling, and looks aesthetic on your social media handle as well. There are a few places in Mumbai that offer great freakshakes. Have a look at the list here.

Freakshakes in Mumbai to try out

1.       Childhood Wonderland

This is a freakshake offered at the renowned outlet, Coffee by Di Bella. The outlet is famous for the variety of coffee and waffles that it has on the menu. You must try out the freakshakes available here.

The Childhood Wonderland is a drink full of goodies. You have a mix of whipped cream, candies, and marshmallows. It looks great on your table as it is a mix of colourful items. Coffee by Di Bella is placed all around the city and is hence accessible.

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2.       Black Carbon Nutella freakshake

This drink is one of the prettiest looking freakshakes that you can find. You will get a jet black drink with loads of chocolate toppings if you go for this one. It is made out of Carbon milk and is delightful to the eyes as well as taste buds.

The drink is available at Icekraft which offers a range of other carbon desserts as well. It costs less and is located at Seawoods, Mulund, and Oshiwara.

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3.       Red Velvet Freakshake

This is another one of the fancy drinks available in the city. The freakshake is full of surprises as it combines cake sponge, cream, and candies amongst others.

You need to try this one out for the richness in the drink. It is available at 145, which is located in Bandra, Andheri, and Kala Ghoda. It is cheap and has everything nice.

4.       Nutella Jar Freakshake

This is one variant of freakshake that many people aren’t aware of. Freakshakes full of candies are available at every other cafe these days. However, this one is special because of the toppings on it, which is nuts of different kinds.

The drink is heavy and would not require you to order anything as a side dish. It is a combination of nuts, Nutella milkshake, and whipped cream. Find this freakshake at Tea Villa Cafe, which has outlets all around the city.

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5.       Chocolate Mud Freakshake

Are you a fan of waffles and chocolate? This might be the perfect option for you. When you order this one from the menu, you are treated with cold coffee, Nutella chunks, and a waffle on top of it. It is mostly the maximum chocolate that you can get in a plate. The freakshake is available at The Chocolate Heaven in Ville Parle west and comes at the price of 300 per drink.

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