Hungarian Wines Are The Most Expensive Wines In The World; Know Why?


Hungarian wines take many years of careful work, and for botrytis. Essencia can only be produced in years with perfect weather conditions. Read to know more

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Hungarian wines

Essencia is an expensive Hungarian wine. Almost,18 unique magnums were released last year which were designed by Hungarian-based artists named James Carcass, according to a daily. Once they started, the producing company said it was the most expensive wine in the world, which is hard to quantify, of course, but since you have to pay $40,000 to drink 1.5 liters, that makes it special on the market. In fact, the wine comes in especially hand-blown bottles so no two is completely identical.

Know why Hungarian wines are the most expensive wines in the world

The first bottle was opened and drank on a New Year's Eve party of a collector in China, but it was drunk daily by Pope Pius X (1903-1914) and lasted much longer than anyone anticipated. The Royal Tokaji Essencia is incredibly valuable because only the finest aszú grapes, made entirely from aszú berries juice, can be used for it.

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However, the whole process takes many years of careful work, and for botrytis, Essencia can only be produced in years with perfect weather conditions.

Even though it hits only a few degrees of alcohol, even after a few sips of it, people can feel light-headed. Hence the general manager at the Royal Tokaji Winery, Zoltán Kovács, said the winemaker decides whether to bottle an Essencia or not in a given year. Thus, it can happen that four, five or even ten years will go by without even making one bottle of it.

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Royal Tokaji's managing director, Charlie Mount mentioned to a daily that the wine is one of its kind. He further added that he's not sure they'll ever be able to reproduce those 18 bottles. Since the Essencia's expiry date is 2300, the cost of the wine has hit the roofs with several wine aficionados willing to pay several extra dollars for it. 

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According to a daily, the Essencia 2008 is available at various restaurants and hotels in the USA and Italy. The winemakers reported that Hungary has everything to produce perfect wines–climate, culture, expertise, and a variety of wine styles–and there is a lot of unexplored potential in the country in this regard. Essencia is produced in the Tokaj wine region of Hungary, northeast of Budapest, which serves as a common day trip to the capital city for travellers. Visitors can even schedule winery private tours, and sample a wide variety of wines.

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