Must-have: Here Is A List Of Best Gujarati Dishes One Should Try Out


Gujarat is a famous place where you can get the best food served. Here are some of the must-have Gujarati dishes one should try at least once in a lifetime.

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Gujarat is a state in Western India, best known for having some of the greatest men of India being born in the land. Right from Gandhi to our Prime Minister Modi, Gujarat has had only the best to offer to the country. Not just the personalities, but the history, culture as well as Gujarati food is also worth discovering. Each dish of this cuisine mostly tastes sweet and salty both. Here are some of the well-known Gujarati cuisines one must try.

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List of the best Gujarati dishes


Dhokla is a rather known Gujarati dish that got a boost in its fame after Kareena Kapoor mentions it in the film 3 Idiots. The taste of Gujarati dish is mildly sweet and salty. Dhokla is a popular street food that comes in a lot of variety as well. It contains gram flour and a special oven is used to cook dhoklas. Dhokla gets ready in 20 minutes and served hot with green and tamarind chutney. It is garnished with the sliced coconut and fresh green coriander.

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Khandvi is a delicious snack of all the times. It is the dish which is quickly made but it needs a lot of patience and hard work to prepare. This savoury dish is served hot with the garnishing of crushed coconut and fresh green coriander. Generally, it is loved by the kids a lot.


Fafda again is one of the famous Gujarati snacks. You have heard about the best combination of fafda Jalebi popular in Gujarat. Fafda is served hot along with papaya chutney. It is made up of the Besan flour and available at almost every stall of food. People mostly enjoy their Sunday with Fafda and jalebi in Gujarat.

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Undhiyu is essentially a mix of vegetables with spicy The Undhiyu is the dish which is not that easy to make any time. The dish is very yummy and healthy as well. It is made of vegetables like potato, sweet potato, brinjal, spinach and a lot more vegetables. All the vegetables are boiled together and the Indian spices are added to it.

Dal dhokli

Dal Dhokli is the traditional dish of Gujarat and a loved one. It is made up of dal and the dough made of wheat. The dal of this delicacy is thick-textured with different dals in it. It also contains a large number of minerals and proteins. The Dal dhokli is served hot with the papad.

Sev khamni

Sev Khamni is a traditional Gujarati dish which is very tasty and easy to make at home. It is prepared by shredding khaman dhokla. It is served hot with tea or coffee. Sev khamni is also served with the garnishing of sev.

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