Nostalgia: Simple Things That 90s Kids Played With


Unlike children growing up now, back in the 90's there was no Netflix and Youtube. Here are things that every 90's kids played with that have disappeared

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With the advent of computers and technology, the 90's kids miss many things from their childhood. With the development in technology, there is improved comfort and most of the lives have changed for the better. But, sadly traditional games and physical activities are vanishing. 90's kids find it easy to relate to these things and they definitely miss those memories. So here are some things that 90's kids miss today.

1. Pokemon Cards

Are you 90's kids? You must have gone through teenage drama and angst if so take a trip to your childhood. Take a look at the things that made things awesome as a kid. It was easy to get all the Pokemon cards. And remember, your heart skipped a beat when you caught hold of a shiny card. Also, how you became a pro-negotiator when you found out your friend has a beast that was so in search of. It is likely that your epic negotiation skills have come to us today for business purpose. 90's kids definitely miss playing this game.

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2. Wearing those Snap bracelet!

Remember the Snap bracelets that everyone uses to brag wearing, the pride and joy this bracelet gives you. Snap bracelets were on every 90's kids because that was so much fun to wear on. 90's kids miss the snazzy messages that the bracelets they would wear. It was one of the easiest ways to showcase your personality, even though you had to abide by your school rules. 90's kids will definitely miss this.

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3. Cool beads on cycle spokes

Life was more fun and amazing before Instagram and Snapchat. 90's kids miss the fun of making your cycle look as cool as possible and showcase your personality. Remember the way, you used to put those colourful beads on your cycle spokes to show how cool your cycle is. The noise that the spokes made as you ride the cycle was one such memorable noise. Now, those things definitely made you laugh and cry with nostalgia.

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