Pasta And Spaghetti Recipes That Can Be Easily Prepared At Home


Pasta is one of the easiest Italian dishes to prepare at home and only takes a few minutes to make. Check out how to make pink, white sauce and spaghetti.

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Foodies in India who love Italian food including various kinds of pasta, especially the macaroni, spaghetti and lasagne forms of pasta, can take cues from these recipes on how to make one at home. Here we discuss how easily can you make pasta varieties at home. All of these pasta recipes can be prepared within 10-15 minutes. Take a look at these pasta recipes before attempting to make one at home.

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Types of pasta to make at home

Pink Sauce Pasta

Ever since the Indian chef, Ranveer Brar shared the recipe of pink sauce pasta on his official YouTube channel, this pasta has gained a lot of popularity. The recipe has gained a lot prominence all over India and is one of the most famous pastas in India. It is also known as the red sauce pasta by the majority of Indians. For this pasta, the boiled penne is used along with the sauce ingredients including garlic cloves, onions, fresh tomatoes, red chilli powder, tomato ketchup, dried oregano, sweet corn, butter with coriander leaves and grated processed cheese for garnishing.

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White Sauce Pasta

This is the most common and most loved penne pasta variety whose sauce is made using minimal ingredients like all-purpose flour, thyme, butter, milk, salt, black pepper powder, water, oregano, with optional ingredients like cheese, garlic, and sweet corns. White sauce pasta is one of the easiest pasta recipes and can be prepared in a few minutes. 

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Spaghetti carbonara

For those who don't know, spaghetti is also a pasta dish and is an Italian favourite. It is a cheesy pasta dish and usually contains a pork meat variety in the recipe. The main highlight of the dish is its creamy texture without the dish being soupy. First, fill a deep pan with water for boiling, once boiled add spaghetti for boiling. Simultaneously, saute the crushed garlic cloves along with your choice of meat along with salt and pepper to taste.

In a bowl, add three eggs and mix it with pepper and grated cheese. Add the cooked spaghetti into the pan on top of the sauteed meat while removing the garlic cloves out. Let the spaghetti cook along with the meat for a while. Remove the pan from the heat and add the egg mixture as the residual heat will cook the egg and provide the creaminess to your dish. Before serving, just add some hot pasta water to add that moisture and glaze to your spaghetti. 

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