Recipe Of White Sauce Cheese Pasta: A Perfect Delight For Your Taste Buds


Recipe of White Sauce Cheese Pasta can be prepared easily at home with these easy steps. Here is how you can prepare this delicious cheese pasta dish. Find out.

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Recipe of White

All Italian food lovers are mostly pasta fans. They love to treat their taste buds with different kinds of pasta. When talking about this delicious dish, one can never forget white sauce cheese pasta. White Sauce Cheese Pasta is one of the easiest pasta recipes, which can be prepared in a few minutes. This delicious Italian cuisine is a must-learn recipe. Here is how to make white sauce cheese past at home easily.


For White Sauce Cheese Pasta

  • 400gm of boiled pasta penne
  • One medium grated cheese cubes
  • One teaspoon thyme
  • One cup of boiled Frozen Sweet corn
  • One tablespoon of butter
  • Two pinches of powdered black pepper
  • Four cups of water
  • Two teaspoons of powdered cornflour
  • One teaspoon of oregano
  • One teaspoon of paprika
  • 200gm of boiled broccoli
  • 4 cloves grated garlic
  • Salt as required
  • Big Cheese cube

For The Main Dish

  • One large chopped green capsicum
  • Two cups of milk
  • Two chopped red peppers

Recipe of White Sauce Cheese Pasta

Step 1

To prepare this delicious Italian dish, take a pan and heat it on medium flame. Put all the vegetables in it like sweet corn, red peppers and capsicum. Now add some water and boil the mixture with some salt. A person can add some black pepper in the recipe if they like it.

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Step 2

Make sure that the vegetables are not overboiled because it will drain out all the nutrition and make them soggy. Allow the veggies to be crunchy as it will make the pasta even more tasty. Now add penne pasta and in the pan and start boiling it.

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Step 3

Use another pan and heat it on medium flame. For preparing white sauce, put a pan on low-medium flame and heat butter. While the butter is melting, add the grated garlic in it and saute for a minute. Now, add cornflour in the pan and saute till the flour is mixed well with the garlic. Now add milk in the pan and stir it continuously to avoid any lumps. Now grate the cheese cube in the mixture and mix well. Add the white sauce in the pasta. The recipe of white sauce cheese pasta.

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