Popular Dishes Of Kochi: Top Five Must-try Dishes In Kochi For Foodies


Kochi, also referred to as Cochin, is situated in Kerala. It is also famous for its unique delicacies. Read to know more about the popular dishes of Kochi

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popular dishes of kochi

Kochi also referred to as Cochin, is situated at the heart of Kerala. It is considered to be one of the most important cities in Southern India in terms of tourist attraction. Historically, it holds significance due to the invasion of the Dutch, who later handed over the city to the British empire. Britishers established Kochi's worth as a port. Apart from this, Kochi is also famous for its unique delicacies. Here are a few that are make to the must-have list:

Top five popular dishes of Kochi

Puttu Kadala

A hot plate of Puttu with Kadala curry is comfort food for all the Malayali’s. This dish is typically served as a breakfast in many households in Kerala. Puttu is prepared with ground rice and is layered with coconut shavings or banana. After that it is steamed to obtain a proper cylindrical Puttu. Kadala is a curry made by black chickpeas and is cooked in roasted coconut gravy. Puttu kadala is a perfect combination for breakfast as they complement each other very well.

Pazham Pori

Pazham pori is similar to what they call bhajji in Maharashtra or pakode in the Northern states. Bhajji is made with onion or potatoes, but pazham pori is made using ripe Nendran bananas. Pazham pori is the most loved snack in the state and is also one of the famous street food in Kochi. It is best served with a hot cup of tea.

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Thattu Dosa

Thattu Dosa is a thick dosa, unlike the paper-thin version that is more commonly known. It is soaked in ghee with masala fillings. Thattu Dosa is served with chammanthi meaning chutney (a type of sauce). This Dosa can be found in Kochi at any time of the day across street shops, pushcarts, restaurants, etc.

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Meen Molagita

Meen Molagita is one of the popular dishes of Kochi. One won’t be able to find this delicacy anywhere except Kochi. This dish is for seafood lovers. The meaning of Meen Molagita is a curry comprised of fish which is doused in chillies. It includes coconut milk and smoked freshwater fish with chillies.

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Fish Molly

Fish Molly is another popular dish of Kochi. Fish Molly is cooked in green chillies with black peppers. Smoothly adding a creamy texture of coconut milk, the fish is cooked to perfection. This fish curry is best served with appam (another type of Dosa) in the city.

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