Popular Lucknow Food: 5 Dishes All Foodies Must Try In Land Of Nawabs


Popular dishes of Lucknow are available at every corner. From the tastiest kebabs to refreshing paans, the city provides all. Read more about the famous dishes

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popular dishes of lucknow

Lucknow is a total paradise for all the foodies out there. The 'Land of Nawabs' is famous for its royal treats and Awadhi cuisine. From the tastiest kebabs to refreshing paans to satisfying biryanis, the cooks of this city have mastered all the dishes. So here is a list of popular dishes of Lucknow you should try when you visit the city.

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Must-try dishes

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Galawati Kebab

Galawati Kebab or Galauti Kebab is one of Lucknow’s best signature dishes. The word ‘Galawati’ means melt in your mouth. This dish was specially made for the Nawab Of Lucknow. Apparently, the Nawab did not have any teeth. This kebab was made so he could enjoy the delicacy easily. The dish is made when finely ground meat and unripe papaya is marinated and a mixture of special spices is added to the dish.

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Nihari and Kulcha

Nihari is a robust meat curry that is simmered overnight with spices & special herbs on a low fire. It is best served with a warm, fluffy Ghilaaf Kulcha. This dish is very popular in Lucknow. Reportedly, the best place to serve this mouth-watering dish is Raheem’s

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Tunday Kebab

The story behind naming this Kebab is an interesting one. Tunday means handicapped and the kebabs got their name because the person who made them first was handicapped. Over 100 masalas are used while preparing this royal kebab. The kebabs are so soft that they melt in your mouth like ice cream and are best served with Rumali Roti. 

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Lucknowi Biryani

This amazing dish has risen straight from the streets of Lucknow. The special thing about this dish is the way it gets prepared. The rice is cooked separately in some fresh spices, and the marinated chicken is added later. This technique adds just the right amount of flavour in the dish, and the final product is something that no human can resist.

Malai Ki Gilori

The best way to end your day is with some mindblowing desserts. This dessert is a very soft dish that melts in your mouth as soon as you put it in. And once you start eating, you just cannot stop at only one piece.

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