Spinach: Healthy And Scrumptious Spinach Recipes To Try This Winter


Dal Palak Ka Shorba, Sarson da Saag, Palak Mutter are delicious dishes. Here is a list of food items that are cooked using Spinach and are also quite healthy.

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Spinach, or Palak, has never been a part of the 'favourite food items list' of the children. But now everyone is aware of the health benefits of spinach. The leafy vegetable also adds a different flavour and colour to your plate. Spinach recipes should always be cooked with different creative innovation and experimentation. So, here is a list of food items that are cooked using Spinach, that are quite healthy and tasty:

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Easy spinach dishes to prepare at home to beat the winters

Dal Palak Ka Shorba

Dal Palak Ka Shorba is a food item that is in liquid consistency like soup. It is a good and healthy way to start your meal. It is a wholesome and comforting dish with the delightfulness of lentils, spinach, ginger-garlic and slight spices. Garnish the dish with fresh cream and a substantial squeeze of lime.

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Sarson da Saag

Winter cannot be relished without Sarson ka saag and Makki di roti, with melted butter on it. The Punjabi dish Sarson da Saag which is paired with Makki di Roti is one of the most scrumptious spinach food items. It is a stew-like preparation made with mustard greens. This food item is unique to winter because of the seasonal availability of Sarson. It is also a nutritious dish that your taste buds crave.

Palak Matar

Palak Matar Recipe is a food item which is flavourful and also easy to prepare. The special spices used in Palak Matar gives a beautiful flavour and aroma to the dish. Spinach is healthy food and also full of nutrients, and when it is prepared along with the sweet green peas it makes the dish even more nutritious. You can serve Palak Matar with Lacha parathas and green salad.

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Palak Pakodas

Palak Pakodas is an Indian food item that is quite healthy. You can also enjoy winters with these Pakodas, especially Palak Pakodas that are prepared with onions and potatoes with green chillies and ginger flavour. This food item is served with Imli and mint chutney and hot chai in all the states.

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DISCLAIMER: Though amazing health benefits can be derived from this Spinach (Palak), it is suggested to consult a professional medical expert for its health benefits. Kindly seek advice or instruction from a medical practitioner before its consumption or use.

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