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Sugar-free Aamras To Papaya Halwa Low Calorie Desserts To Enjoy In Summers

Summers are the perfect time to enjoy some refreshing and chilling desserts. Check out the guilt-free desserts that you can enjoy as temperatures soar.

Fruit Chaat | Image:Freepik

Summer in India brings with it a craving for something sweet yet refreshing to beat the heat. While traditional Indian desserts are undeniably delicious, they are most often rich and calorie-dense. However, enjoying a treat doesn't have to derail your healthy lifestyle. Check out these recipes are lighter, healthier, and just as flavorful to enjoy as the temperature soars. 

Phirni with skimmed milk

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Phirni, a classic Indian rice pudding, can be made lighter by using skim milk and reducing sugar. Blend soaked rice into a coarse paste and cook it with skim milk until it thickens. Sweeten with a small amount of sugar or a natural sweetener like stevia. Add cardamom and a splash of rose water for flavour. Chill and garnish with slivers of almonds and pistachios. The dish is not only delectable, but also helps beat the heat. 

Sugarfree aamras 

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Aamras, or mango pulp, is a summer staple. Choose ripe, naturally sweet mangoes and blend them with a bit of saffron and cardamom. Skip the added sugar entirely or use a minimal amount. Serve chilled. This way, you enjoy the pure flavour of mangoes without the extra calories.

Kesar popsicles

Instead of reaching for ice creams, try these Kesar (saffron) doodh popsicles. Boil skim milk with a few strands of saffron and cardamom. Sweeten lightly with honey or a sugar substitute. Pour into popsicle moulds and freeze. These frozen treats are creamy, aromatic, and much lower in calories compared to traditional ice creams.

Ragi (Finger Millet) malpua

Malpuas are indulgent, but you can make a healthier version using ragi flour. Mix ragi flour with a bit of whole wheat flour, jaggery, and mashed bananas. Fry lightly in ghee or use a non-stick pan to minimize oil. Serve with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of nuts. Ragi is rich in fibre and essential nutrients, making this a guilt-free treat.

Fruit and yoghurt chaat

Combine the tang of yoghurt with the sweetness of fruits for a refreshing chaat. Use low-fat yoghurt and mix it with seasonal fruits like mangoes, pineapples, pomegranates, and berries. Add a sprinkle of chaat masala and a drizzle of honey. This dessert is cooling, delicious, and loaded with vitamins.

Chilled sabudana kheer

Sabudana kheer is typically rich, but you can lighten it up. Cook sabudana (tapioca pearls) in water until they turn translucent. Add skim milk and sweeten it with a sugar substitute. Flavour with cardamom and a touch of saffron. Chill and serve. This version retains the traditional taste while cutting down on calories.

Baked shrikhand cheesecake

Shrikhand is delicious but often high in fat. For a lighter version, blend hung curd with a bit of honey, cardamom, and saffron. Pour into a baking dish and bake until set. Chill and serve. This dessert has the creamy richness of shrikhand with fewer calories.

Papaya halwa

A representative image of halwa | Image: Freepik 

Papaya is naturally sweet and perfect for a low-calorie halwa. Grate ripe papaya and cook with a small amount of ghee. Add cardamom and a bit of jaggery if needed. This halwa is nutritious and much lighter than traditional versions made with more sugar and ghee.


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